I've been in the middle of "house cleaning" and now have a solid inventory of what I have.

Currently (as of July 19, 2002), I have:

850 total action figures
28 Beasts

This covers both the vintage line and all the new stuff since the '90's.

In case you're wondering, that number includes doubles of the same figure (army builders) and other extras, both loose, boxed, and/or carded that I have for one reason or another.

Also, there is a little fuzzy area when it comes to figures vs beasts. Essentially, I counted anything small, like a Mynock or Bomarr Monk, to be an action figure. Bigger things, like Jabba and Rancor etc were counted as Beasts.

And I did not count the Episode I Battle Pack mini figures (those fish things) toward the totals above. They just kind of exist in a weird limbo somewhere.

So, how many do you have?

(Hmm, let's see, 850 times about 6 bucks a figure.... )