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Thread: Dexter Jettster

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    Talking Dexter Jettster

    Hasbro please remake this figure. First the height of the figure is off. This figure should tower over Obi Wan like in the movie but instead the current figure stands roughly the same height.
    The accessories you packaged made no sense except for the Kamino saber dart. Cool accessories would have been the waitress droid and maybe a diner table for both Dex and Obi Wan to sit at.
    Please remake this figure. I thought the character was great and a new sculpt would kick ***.
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    I thought the Dex figure is fine. It dwarfs the CC Obi-Wan. Then again, I like the idea of the waitress droid.
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    Uh, how do knives that he was using in the movie make "No Sense?"
    You start talking about the droid, or the table, and you're looking at a deluxe figure. I think that he's one of the best figures in te line.

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    Same here, the only complaint I have is the pointless electro effect he comes with!
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    Dex is never likely to be remade. The figure is movie accurate in the respect that he's accurate in detail. His size is possibly slightly smaller than he should be due to the amount of plastic it uses to make him. In the same way that Ephant Mon will be slightly smaller than the film costume. If they'd made him bigger he would have to be a deluxe figure and therefore cost more to us the consumer. He's a huge figure and cost as much as Yoda which i think is brilliant. His accessories weren't used in the movie but he still came character specific accessories not a silly gun or something. The electro stuff was daft but you can just toss that aside.

    But I would like to see the waitress droid and the waitress in the blue dress. maybe a couple of the diner patrons too. But until it's a real non movie year we can kiss these goodbye. I've put Dex in my jabba's palace diorama because it's a logical place for an ugly alien cook with no diner to inhabit. Dex is currently arguing with a Gamorrean guard about his menu for Jabba's lunch. Dex seems quite happy working at Jabba's.

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    The Dex figure is fine.

    The figure hasbro needs to make is that droid waitress that worked with Dex in that cool Diner.
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    I think the Dex figure is just fine also. Emperor Jargo has the right idea. I can go without the waitress droid though. I thought it was an annoying and meaningless character. Plus it didn't even look like a 'Star Wars' droid.
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    Although i don't have Dex yet, i think the fig looks great. No need for a resculpt.

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    I think that they don't need to redo him. He is fine.
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    Great figure. And the extra electo blue things can go to my Darth Vader lifting the Emperor. You can never get enough of that blue stuff, just use it elsewhere!


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