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    Looks pretty cool indeed. I am glad to see a SBD with his arm in the correct firing position. His paint job looks kind of cheap though. I still really want it.
    Thanks to the too numerous to list traders here who have made my collection a bit more complete!!

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    The C-3PO one looks great, and the Yoda isnt bad either. I can always use more BDs and SBDs, and I still need a Yoda and 3PO. Does anyone have pics of the bubbles, close up? Thanks.
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    These look great! Can't wait to get both!!

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    I...I..really don't know.
    Look at his lightsaber on the back of the card, and look what we got.
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    They do look pretty cool. The paint job on the Battle Droid and Super Battle Droid do look pretty cheap. Yoda looks cool, can't wait to get them!
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