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Thread: The Next Jedi

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    The Next Jedi

    Now that Ki-Adi Mundi has been released which Jedi would you like to see next, do you think that they should get the remaining council figures made first or do you think that we need a mix of arena and council jedi?

    I would like to see Coleman Trebor! What about you?
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    coleman trebor or the duck jedi (pablo jill??) or barriss or that one girl that goes "hhhiiiiyyaaa!" when she is killing droids! that would be dandy!
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    Last I knew, the next Jedi was going to be Alaya Secura (sp?) - the blue-skinned Twi'lek Jedi.
    After that, I wouldn't mind seeing Coleman Trebor, or the duck-headed one, or anyone. I just want some more Jedi.

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    That chick that goes "Hiyaaah!" while smashing droids, is hot.

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    After Aalya Secura there should be Bariss Offee, Pablo Jill, Colemon trebor, Stas Allie and Baral swan.
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    how can you tell? she's wearing all those jedi robes...nevermind...
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    COLEMAN TREBOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I would like to see

    Oppo ransis
    Adi's counsin
    and Eeth Koth
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    Deadeye and Hango, don't forget what we did that got that thread, "R2 is in love with Padmé", closed, so maybe you'll want to edit your posts . . .
    Anyway, any Jedi is fine with me, as long as they make Coleman Trebor and Pablo-Jill with removable cloaks and lots of articulation so they can be in the arena and the temple, and not look too goofy. Well, articulation for both but only removable cloak for Coleman. Or whatever.
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    well Aayla Secura looks pretty cool and next I want Coleman Trebor
    or any other Jedi that looks cool
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