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    The Opening 10 Minutes

    Reported at by Darth Morris :

    The purpose of this report is to present you with 2 sides of a one magnificant coin, the ups and downs of George Lucas’ 2nd sci-fi tale. One thing that needs to be pushed into everyones minds as you read this is that STAR WARS 2 IS NOT COMPLETE! there is still a lot of effects and scenes to be added and expanded on, so please do not feel disheartened by this report at the present time, the film was still in a very rough edit, with some cgi completed and some scenes shot entirely with blue-screen and stand-ins with those plungers on their heads.
    The film opens with the familiar scroll (yet in this test-screen version, the opening scroll was said to be just a work in progress, or possibly to avoid it making its way across the Internet and into the media before the film hits in May 2002) The scroll presented was just a short overview of what had happened in the last 10 years after the invasion of Naboo and it mentions Anakin and Obi-Wan and what they are around to do. At the start of the movie, Amidala's starship arrives on Coruscant, escorted by several N-1 Starfighters.

    The first scenes to be shown were set on the Galactic city of Coruscant (practically all CGI here was said to be finished) where we see the Royal Starship make its way through the huge city-scape. What was outstanding during these 30 seconds or so of footage was the amount of incredible detail that went into recreating a citadel of this magnitude, everything was shiny and new, we could see Coruscant denizens making their way through the vast space-lanes and there were fantastic ships zipping and zooming over the starship and dodging the Naboo fighters that accompanied it, it was all very much a cool ILM moment, very very well done. We then cut to the Palpatines Chambers, where he is sat around a massive table, littered with star-maps and futuristic office supplies. Palpatine looks out of the vast window and smiles. It has to be said that Ian McDiarmids ageing process is going very well, he does look very creepy at the moment.

    The Starship pulls onto a landing pad where Captain Typho is awaiting the arrival of Senator Padme Naberrie. The ramp of the ship lowers and the beautiful senator (really a decoy) begins to walk towards the entourage outside (these include some familiar Naboo gaurds, now wearing blue instead of yellow and red) and some other senator-like aliens. Captain Typho makes a short walk forward but then the ship explodes, sending the actors flying, including the Decoy. After the aftermath of the explosion, we cut to a Female Naboo pilot high in the sky of Coruscant.

    Typho's voice off-screen screams of having an emergency and that there is an attack on the life of the Senator. They require assistance immediately. A female voice tells them to hold on and a small fighter lands on a smaller pad a few yards from the carnage.

    The pilot climbs from the hood and runs over to the mass of rubble and wreckage and towards the dying senator. The pilot removes her helmet to reveal herself as Padme Naberrie and the decoy lies dying in her arms. It has to be said that Nat Portman portrays Padme in a very good way during this scene, she genuinely looks hurt and upset, and angry at the death of her friend, Corde.

    Corde, Amidala's decoy, sadly dies in the explosion. Padme, rushes over to Corde. With tears in her eyes, Padme looks at the devastation and then to Captain Typho and says that she should not have come back. Typho moves to take her out of harms way. The scene is short and very pacy but it does bring us into the thick of the political carnage of AOTC.

    The dialogue so far isn’t as hokey as some people may think, its quick and snappy and it shows Lucas has been improving the editing process. AOTC is very much abouth the emerging relationship between Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padme Amidala, who is no longer Queen of Naboo. The two characters first see each other again after Padme is attacked. After an unsuccessful attempt on Padme's life. Anakin and Obi-Wan are ordered to serve as her protectors by Chancellor Palpatine, with compliance of the Jedi Council.

    In one scene, Palpatine says that the senator is a figure of power, and that she must not come to any harm whatsoever.

    While Anakin's feelings for the Padme are growing stronger, she keeps her feelings for him hidden for the mean time, while she concentrates on her career and her safety. Now I want to talk to you about what is by far my favourite sequence of events in this movie - the 2nd assination attempt. The chase itself is so cool! Lucas has really gone back to his first love of racing and cars and created a chase to rival most modern-day action films, even tho the vehicles fly. The way Coruscant has been created via CGI is beautiful, with tall, small, flat, massive, large, round buildings all getting as much attention to detail as the rest, it all looks very stunning. I particuarly love the “Palpatine” statue that Anakin almost dives into during the chase for the bounty hunter.

    Sounds very cool to me and I wanted to pass the info along. What do all of you think?
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    I heard the opening scenes are with Obi Wan on some foreign planet. Are my spy reports older of newer than this one?

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    I don't know about older or newer as I have never heard that the opening shots show Kenobi. I would bet on's report being accurate. The push that gets the ball rolling in the film is the attacks upon Senator Padme's life, that seems logically to be an appropriate point to open the film. If it were Kenobi only in the shots you are referring to, then I would place that later in the film after he goes off on his little crusade to find those responsible for the attacks.
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    Oh dear. I'm going to be the nay sayer again. I just don't get this at all. this could have been cobbled together from all the rumours and speculation gathered at any of the news sites. There doesn't really appear to be anything new here at all. And as a report about the first ten minutes of the movie it's a little too pre-occupied with events further into the movie for my tastes. I find it hard to give this report any credence or find any believability in the authenticity of it.
    has Lucas finalised the edit then? I thought we had a report just the other day that they were showing John Williams the latest 'rough cut' so he could begin his work. Nothing points to the first ten minutes being completed at all.
    It would be nice to see a report on the first ten minutes and know that it was accurate but with all these months still to go before release are we really expected to believe this sketchy examination with it's tissue thin venner of found tidbits of information and given facts?

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    I'd say that was a fairly accurate description of the first ten minutes. Except the part about Padme landing AFTER the explosion. And Coruscant got covered in a thick cloud cover instead of the hustle bustle described above.
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    Originally posted by Eternal Padawan
    I'd say that was a fairly accurate description of the first ten minutes. Except the part about Padme landing AFTER the explosion. And Coruscant got covered in a thick cloud cover instead of the hustle bustle described above.
    And the Palpatine statue that Anakin almost dives into while chasing Zam? I didn't see anything like that.
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    And that the dialogue isn't as hokey as people think.
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    MC, that was exactly what I was gonna say!
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