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Thread: Is This Rare?

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    Is This Rare?

    I have got a carded Dexter Jettster, a figure quite rare itself, with a background packed in and on the side where it says all the accessories, it says pipe, which most of them don't say at all, how rare is it?
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    pretty ony came in the first few shipments i guess..the background alone is worht i'd say 3-5 dollars more than retail...with the pipe text, add another 4 to that...
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    I wouldn't say rare. Even if each store got 2 in, that's still a couple million in production, so locally uncommon, at best. You can probably find one for retail if you look hard enough, forgoing the figure hoarders and proceeding through an honest outlet.

    And if you can't find one, so what? The figure is the thing you play with, and the packaging, background included, is disposed of.
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    unless u dont play with the figure...
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    I doubt there are millions of them, and not every store got those shipments.
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    dexter is rare himself? i see dex everywhere, and i really don't look all that much
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    Dex isn't that rare himself...but that Pipe text showing w/ background version is QUITE RARE.

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    the only dexter's that i have seen around here were all the non-backgrounded type. and the "pipe" text was covered up. so i would thing that there are millions of them either.
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    dexter may not be rare but since i started looking for him i've noticed he's hard to find, in any form

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    Originally posted by jet chan
    dexter may not be rare but since i started looking for him i've noticed he's hard to find, in any form
    I've had this happen too!! I got the clean Biker Scout from POTJ and that was all I wanted. Then I saw the Dirty version come in, but I am no a varation hunter. So I let him go. For about a month, 7 of those figs sat on the pegs. Then I decide to do an Endor Diorama and I wanted a dirty Biker Scout to go in there. I walked out to our toy dept and behold, all 7 scouts, which were there the day b/4, are all gone!! I haven't see one since
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