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    Smile did you like playing with firecrackers and blowing up old models when you were a kid?

    I use to like using firecrackers to destroy my old fleet of model ships or other models I didnt want anymore, I would set them all out in a muddy puddle of water and toss firecrackers at them to
    simulate being fired upon by another enemy ship ! or I would
    set up all my toy army men and tanks and toss firecrakers at them
    like they were being attacked by morter fire ! remember that
    distictive black smoke from the slow burning plastic ? firecrackers
    were also a lot of fun to use when playing with GI Joes 12" action
    figures, they could be buried in the ground to simulate a land mine
    or simply tossed to simulate a hand grenade, M80's were powerful, I like to use those to simulate artillery fire, I would always put the figure in a foxhole or behind cover, firecrackers
    added a lot of realism to playing war games with toys.

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    Never done that myself but it sounds like alot of fun . I might go out and buy some toys to blow up .

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    Of course this being a family site we must now insert the obligatory 'do not try this at home unless supervised by a responsible adult' warning. Firecrackers are not toys and can burn or injure. Use extreme caution when using combustible materials and explosives of any nature.....

    That said, I used to love filing ships with lighter gas and then seting them alight as a kind of explosion. Brief, bright but real fun to an eleven year old. Liquid lighter fuel can be squirted into shapes and patterns that burn in a most interesting way and you can make it follow a path round the vehicle or figure. It burns fast and evaporates fast so you have to be quick to catch it if you want to take photos. I lost my vintage AT-ST to lighter fuel fires.... wish I'd been less of a pyromaniac now.

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    I never combined my toys and fireworks but often was tempted. I did allow myself to melt several of my action figures during my many fire experiments. No real regrets, I can't live in the past is what I keep telling myself.
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    I used to do it when I was a really little kid to the old, green plastic army men & tanks, etc. with firecrackers, or those black pellets that would grow into snakey long pipes when you lit them. I quit after a glop of molten green plastic landed on my thumbnail one time. Man, that hurt like he-(double-toothpicks)!!!
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    he-(double-toothpicks), eh? That's a new one . . .
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    i never did, but some of my friends loved to, i never understood why it seemed a good waste of a toy to me, but now that i'm older i at least can see why they did it

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    a few friends and i did that to my sister's barbies! we duct taped bottle rockets to them and see how high we could get them to fly. man that was fun times!
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    Originally posted by Thumb Wars
    a few friends and i did that to my sister's barbies! we duct taped bottle rockets to them and see how high we could get them to fly. man that was fun times!
    i would have loved to do that to my sister hee hee the look on her face would have been priceless,but being she was twice my size she'd have got the last laugh, and i might not be replying right now.

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    I blew up one of my Star Destroyer models once, just too see what it would be like to do it. Lets just say I wish I didn't do that, it takes a long time to build one with fibre optic lighting and the time spent watching it happen wasn't worth it although it was pretty cool.


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