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    Do canadian dvd's play on usa players,, all this talk about regions. Some one make it clear for the moron in us all.
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    Originally posted by THE Slayer
    Do canadian dvd's play on usa players,, all this talk about regions. Some one make it clear for the moron in us all.
    Yes, they work in U.S. players. Canada is Region 1, the same as the U.S. There are currently 8 regions (9 with non-region discs, also known as Region 0). To play discs from other regions, you need a multi-region player. Here is the regions breakdown.

    Region 0 - (Really just not region encoded)
    Region 1 - USA, Canada
    Region 2 - Europe, Middle East, Japan, South Africa
    Region 3 - S.Korea, Taiwan, HK, ASEAN
    Region 4 - Australia, NZ, Latin America
    Region 5 - Ex-Soviets, Indian sub-continent, Africa
    Region 6 - China
    Region 7 - Reserved
    Region 8 - International territory (airplanes, cruise ships, etc.)

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    I hate the different regions. I bought 2 Manic Street Preachers (they are from Wales) concerts on DVD and I can't play them on my PS2. I have to play them on my computer which isn't as entertaining.
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    Somebody once did a study on the effects of cable television on the culture regarding the fact that most people over the age of 50 have experienced the whole of television over the span of their lives whereas young people between the ages of 5-15 have experienced the exact same amount of television in just a few years. It was an very interesting and enjoyable study but I can't remember who did it. I've been meaning to purchase a DVD player. I don't know how often I would use it though. What exactly is Region7 for?

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    Re: 80's TV/Movie cable network

    Originally posted by Exhaust Port
    With all the interest in the popular culture of the 80's, I was thinking how great it would be to have an 80's cable channel completely devoted to the decade. I realize that we already have TVLand but that's not specific enough. I want to see 24 hours of our favorite TV shows and movies. Saturday mornings would be filled with the cartoons we remember from our childhood. There are so many shows, movies and commericals from that decade that would be awesome to see regularly that I'd pay to have it pumped into my house.
    I could not agree with you more! 80's TV 24/7, including all the commercials! Some of my fave 80's commercials were Life cereal(Mikey) and Slinky.

    MY cartoon lineup would be:
    -The Littles

    SitCom lineup:
    -Silver Spoons
    -Diff'rent Strokes
    -Charles in Charge
    -Mr. Belvedere

    -Street Hawk
    -Knight Rider
    -V The Series

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    Originally posted by billfremore
    Now if we could just get a Hogan's Heroes network...
    It's all about F Troop, Baby!!!

    I am beginning to feel really old as I am talking about the 80's, but bringing up shows from the 70's or earlier.

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    Originally posted by Jonna
    It's all about F Troop, Baby!!!
    F Troop?

    No way man it's gotta be the Rat Patrol.
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    Well, I am all for this. I love the 80's and I would love to see a network dedicated to that decade.

    I bought my kids all the seasons of "Fraggle Rock" on DVD.

    There are just so many great shows from the 80's, some were fun, some were really creative, some were cheesy, and some were just so bad they were good.

    We need an all 80's cable access channel complete with 80's commercials and all.
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    would love a station on TV devoted to the 80's that would be awesome... i miss those classic shows from back in the day... sign me up if this ever happens... I'll become a permenant couch potato and be glued to the set 24/7
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkArtist View Post
    would love a station on TV devoted to the 80's that would be awesome...
    You'd probably like RTV then. Its one of those digital broadcast sub-channels that have popped up in recent years. Its offered nationwide (like This TV, WSTV, etc.), though it isn't available in every broadcast area. Programming wise its very similar to TV Land in premise, though most of its programming appears to come from the late 1980's/early 1990's (with a few from the 1950's). They even plan on launching a Saturday children's block by the end of September that deals with nothing but retro kid's shows/cartoons.
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