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Thread: Wrestling Games

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    I was never a fan of the Royal Rumble or genesis & SNES wrestling games. I always preferred Pro Wrestling on NES.

    And I hope the next Gamecube WWE game will be much better!
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    Wrestling games...i love them, even though i liked older wrestling games better. I have a N64 wrestling game...NCW...something. And it was a great dissapointment...i hope the next generation wrestling games are better...(GC, PS2...Etc.)
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    No Mercy is the best game ever! I made dozens of wrestlers! I had millions of matches!

    Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 is also a great game for the dead N64 (but it is Japanese).

    Wait until the fall for the new Smackdown or get Smackdown 3 for $15 at Blockbuster like I did. It is not worth $25 but $15 isn't that bad.

    Anyone get Legends of Pro Wrestling? I did. What a waste. But the sequal looks much better!
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    No Mercy = God of wrestling games
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    Well, I've been playing No Mercy for a couple weeks now. It's pretty cool. I'm about to unlock Shawn Michaels. I've been playing the heck out of Survival Mode. I've almost have the 50,000 I need to buy him.

    I've created a bunch of wrestlers. I found a few CAW websites that give you movelists and appearances.

    I still haven't mastered it yet. I'm having trouble doing the "Special Moves."
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    I unlocked everything but the Ho!

    The easiest way to unlock wrestlers is playing the Royal Rumble. If you eliminate them, you get them.
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    Does anyone remember Tag Team for the NES? That game rules!
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    No Ho for me either. Man, she's expensive!
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    Tag Team Wrestling? I have that for my NES. The grappling system was weird, and the graphics were crappy for their time. But it was kind of fun. No match for Pro Wrestling though.
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    Remember the original NES Wrestlemania. And the major improvement on the same system by a lesser company-LJN
    Cage Match!!. I Liked N64 WAR ZONE. I like it for the wrestler customazation feature!!! You can make Bill CLinton with nothing but underware and a tie. I also was able to make an uncanny I MEAN UNCANNY!!!!!! likeness of best friend on that game too.
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