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Thread: Wrestling Games

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    Ok, now that I've been playing No Mercy for N64 for about a month now, I can say it is the best wrestling game I have played. I found some websites that tell you how to make all of the new wrestlers and update the existing. I still need to figure out how to do some moves, but I'm getting better.

    Some of the challanges in the career mode are hard, but that's what makes it fun. I haven't played all of the match types yet because I've been doing the Survival mode to earn cash and the Career mode to unlock a few more wrestlers. I have yet to do a ladder match and a table match.
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    Ladder matches suck against the computer, but against live opponents, they are GREAT!
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    legends of wrestling is a good game once you leaner how to work everything. i can not wait for low2 to come out.

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    Yeah, I am looking forward to giving LOW2 a try. I had hopes for the first one, but it just let me down.
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    LOW2 will be a great game!
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