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    Question Complete Galaxy Darth Vader

    Is the Complete Galaxy Darth Vader worth picking up? I see it on Ebay quite often at a decent price. thanks
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    It is a good figure. He has articulated knees like the Gunner Station Vader and a removable helmet like the Escape the Death Star game Vader.

    I recommend picking him up if you can find him for a good price. I think I paid $5.99 at KB Toys.
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    Does his chamber arm hold his helmet?
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    Yes, it does. It's connected to the top half of the globe though, which is hinged so it doesn't lift straight up but it's still a cool set.
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    Not only do you get Vader (which is very cool btw) but u get the 1st Death Star! I have all the complete Galaxy Sets and i think they all are worth picking up. Its cool to see the planets in the closed form...u get to see places shown in the movies...etc. Pick them up if u see them at a good price!
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    yes it is a nice one if you find it for a could price.


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