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    A question about the 12" Clonetrooper

    Is it me or does the armor look like it's the same Hasbro used for the Stormtroopers?

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    It looks like they may have reused some parts. Anyone else notice how the head, torso and legs are all different shades of white?
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    I want to get one, but at my TRU the helmet has a greenish tint, the chest armor is white, and the legs have a slight tan tint. Very annoying.

    So I'm gonna wait til I find a pure white one. Unless that is how they are suppose to look (who knows why though?).

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    it's all new parts. i looking at a clone vs. a stormtrooper now.

    the legs are supposed to have a tannish tint because it is arena dirt.

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    Derek, I haven't compared, but I heard they have some parts that MAY be from the 12" Scout Trooper.

    As for the coloring, I'm going to wait and see a clean version from KB (which means yellow or red trim), but the "dirty" regular trooper is just too dirty for my tastes.
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    the only parts similar on the clone vs. scout trooper are the elbow pads. they are similar, but not from the same mold.

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    Question Question about 12" Clone troopers

    Hey there!

    Hi I was recently at a store, and saw that they had the 12" Clone troopers <white> for sale. But I also noticed that 3 of them had a green tint to their this a good or bad thing? as I couldnt decide and left them there!

    Help much appreciated!


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    Sounds like a defective paint job to me. Personally I'd pass and try to get a cleaner version.
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    I would also Pass! And Welcome to the Boards!!!
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    I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned sooner.

    The green tint seems to be a very widespread situation based on my experience. Nearly all the Clonetroopers I've seen in Wal-Mart, Toys r Us, etc. in different areas of Pennsylvania have all had green tint helmets. Only KB had a fair amount of white helmets. That's why I held out on the figure until I found a single white helmet clone at TRU for $20.
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