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    Angry Yoda and Mace Windu...

    I am really angry about these two... Yoda doesn't really look like the one in the Movie. I think TPM Yoda looked a lot better. And I dunno if anyone else is having this problem but I opened him and put the lightsaber in his right hand... wouldn't be a problem but his hand is breaking... i mean the fingers might come off any day now.

    I figured a way to solve this problem by using a rubber band but still, I think we should have been given a better Yoda.

    On Mace Windu (GR)... why the closedeyes??? And what's up with that arm just hanging there? This guy can't hold his lightsaber and whenever i pushed that stupid motion button, the lightsaber just flew away... Again, thanks for the rubber bands.

    I dunno, this figure is not too good to collect if you like opening up your figures (like me), the "action" makes me think hasbro considered making them attractive to kids but I don't think a kid would want a Jedi whose arm comes off when you even touch it.

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    I've heard of some Yoda's with hands that break off, but mine doesn't have that problem. Must have been a bad batch. The only thing that bothers me about the Saga Yoda is the green hair.

    I could tell from seeing the figure in the package that Mace was going to suck, so I saved myself the frustration and never bought him.
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    Re: Yoda and Mace Windu...

    Originally posted by DarthSetnom
    On Mace Windu (GR)... why the closedeyes??? And what's up with that arm just hanging there? This guy can't hold his lightsaber and whenever i pushed that stupid motion button, the lightsaber just flew away... Again, thanks for the rubber bands.
    The closed eyes was a design choice, to see if they could do somthing unique with the figures face. They only did it because there already was 2 previous Mace Windu figures. He doesn't wear very different clothes from the E1 Mace, so they wanted to try somthing different. As for the flying lightsaber, notice the little hole in the arm right below the hand. The end of the lightsaber plugs into the hole and that prevents it from flying.

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    My Yoda's fingers are the same, so I have to be careful with him.
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    the only problems i have with the yoda is that the blue force junk doesn't hold up the part og the base. it kinda gets droopy right away!

    i figures mace's face was due in part to the fact that he was suppose to go along with the finnal battle jango. mace was making this face because he was cutting jangos head off. that's what i think anyway.
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    It's true that "Constipation Mace" was not Hasbro's best work. But if you don't like that one, you can always turn to the deluxe version. He isn't all that bad.

    Yoda is a winner, IMO. I love his sculpt and his accessories. Perfect for reinacting his mythic battle w/ Dooku.

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    However, Mace doesn't even make that face when he chops it off, the figure should have just been going "oooh" or had a mad face, not one that never even appeared in the movie.
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    Maybe it's from a cutscene were Jango kicks Mace in his Jedi jewels.

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    Like i said, the hair is one of the things that bugs me about Yoda, he looks nothing like he did in the movie. And you're right he can't hold that thing with the blue rays...

    I solved the "lightsaber throw" problem with another rubber band. it works great and doesn't look that bad.

    See the facial expression is not bad, it looks like Hasbro managed to make a good human face but they could have tried some other look, or another Jedi to experiment!

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    I like my Yoda, except for the fact his force goes limp after awhile. The hair doesn't bother me too much either. I like it a heck of a lot better than the EPI Yoda, who I think looks like that Gremlin in Gremlins 2 that is made up of vegatables and burps all the time.

    I like my Mace too, although he like to fall down alot. I get mad and scream when I fall down, maybe he's more appropriate than I thought!


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