I myself immediately want


Jango Fett
Anakin Skywalker

if they ship in 3's.

Padme in her basic white outfit shouldn't need to be a Portrait Edition or whatever, so I wonder if they can include her in a regular wave.


Plo Koon
Ki Adi Mundi

(it's still rather early for Mace, due to his other 12" figure, even if the real scan of Samuel L. Jackson will make a better figure. Though he's more of a main character in this film, don't you think his 12" figure can wait? I mean I bought 2 of his E1 figures to save one for AOTC scenes I want to set up with my 12")

SHORT STUFF WAVE (little people)

R2D2 with new stuff and accessories
Boba Fett
Master Yoda


Count Dooku with Darth Sidious
Chancellor Palpatine with Mas Amedda
Anakin Skywalker with Shmi Skywalker

(later Anakin and Padme would work, but it's time we had a 12" Shmi)


Zam Wessel and Speederbike
Destroyer Droid (transforming) and Security Battle Droid

Sure there's a lot more, and great aliens to do, etc. But I want these especially the first three I mentioned, as close as possible, timed with the movie's release.

Man, I'm actually excited enough to play with them!