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Thread: Weird New Wave

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    Weird New Wave

    How soon until we see Fan Choice #3 fig... I noticed on the bos he is # 45 and on the case that I got Ki Adi, it say WV 2,4,6 whats up with that?

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    Ephant Mon is due out later this fall. He, like Padme, are released against their numbering, probably based on last-minute wave-packing decisions. They'll probably have the largest bubbles so far, meaning that they'll need more room in transit, and will ship with figures that allow that room.

    2,4,6 means Collection 2, Wave 4, Ratio 6 - a different combination of new and older figures. It's a new (complicated) system, as you'll see by browsing the case assortment section.
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    That is why I keep telling people to stop trying to figure out the collection/wave/ratio thing, and just follow the Assortment #'s. Its a lot easier!! Each and every asstorment has a different case #. Its the only thing you need to look for.
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    Just check out the figure assortment listings on the main forums page!
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