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  • Yes, these look great! I can't wait to get 'em!

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    I would like to get all of them for my collection. Only prob is that I am no where close to a Disney (Illinois) and I don't think I'll be making it down to either Disney any time soon. Hopefully I will be able to either order these from the Disney Phone Catalog or the Fan Club!!!!
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    I must have missed something. There are 4 of them now?

    I think it's DL-X2 that I haven't seen a picture of. It probably was in our news, but I must have missed it. Anyone want to attach a picture?

    I might use these droids to add to a Geonosis droid factory scene and have them working on battledroids, though I think Rex looks like he could assist the Kamino Cloners in something like ACPin's massive cloning facility diorama. To me, I want them really bad because they're totally EU droids and we can use them for whatever we want, right down to an expresso maker from Dexter's Diner!

    I think two of them were going to appear as the Analysis Droids in the Jedi Temple when Obi-Wan goes to inquire about the saberdart. That may show up on the DVD cut scenes.

    Also, R3-D3 was shown on the Death Star while Obi-Wan skulked around, making his way to tractor control. There was both a blue and green R3 unit on board. A red one can be scene when Vader picks his wingmen to accompany him in The Battle of Yavin.

    Finally, my friend Mike already has these 3 through someone that snagged them when Disney accidently stocked them too early (or fulfilled a mail-order that they shouldn't have charged for - they aren't supposed to offer this through the mail at all!) He's opened them to photograph them for his website, and they are all highly articulated and fully finished figures, which is great to know!

    They are quality pieces worth picking up! And I'll likely seem them loose, in person, soon. (actually, I'll be able to buy them in about 13 days on a planned trip to Disneyland I've got going with some friends of mine).

    But note, sooner than that, I'm sure they'll be selling them at Comic Con and on E-bay. DO NOT PAY THOSE PRICES. Sure the cost of the figure "might" seem like a $40+ admission price to Disneyland or Disneyworld, making each figure "worth" $50 or so, right off the bat, but it is the intention of Disney to sell thousands of these, continuously, for at least the next year or so, I've been led to believe. This isn't something that will just be available this August.

    As long as there's a Star Tours, this will be stocked there. Finally, the Fan Club, with shipping and handling on these would probably run you under $40 for 3 of them. So again, do NOT pay more than $15 for any single one of them!!!

    Hopefully, the Disney stores will offer unlimited purchasing, so friends can pick these up for friends, but at $10 each, I don't think there will be army-building issues. I might want 1 R3, and 2 of the other ones a piece, but nothing crazy like the Clone Troopers needed for an army.

    These should be really enjoyable to purchase - and Disneyland is fun for the entire family. So go and enjoy, or be thankful that your Fan Club is going to make themselves useful again - and hopefully soon!
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    Yup I'm in. I don't get down to Florida or Cali too much anymore, so I'll just waite it out and keep my eyes open at the fan club.

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    Thumbs down

    I think they are junk. I couldn't bring myself to spend money on them. Of course, I don't collect every figure anyway. I would have to go out of my way to obtain these, and I am of course to lazy (and cheap) to do that!

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    Used to work on Star Tours at Dland. I would love to have these figures. I don't seem to recall that R2 droid, but all the other ones are great. Here are the droids I remember...

    R2-D2 - Repairing Starspeeder in main queue
    C-3P0 - Standing at conlsole in main queue
    DL-X2 - I don't recall this droid having a name (it was just known as the security droid). It is in the lower droid room, standing in a corner. All it did was extend its arm.
    R4-M9 - (Already released) This droid stood motionless in the center of the lower droid room, directly under...
    G2-9T - As was said before, this one was once in the America Sings show as one of the singing geese (hence the G2 name.) This is in the middle on the lower droid room, working on...
    R5-D4 - (Or similar droid) Another motionless droid.
    Mouse Droid - Not the common one from the films, but a small droid running around the middle of the lower droid room on a track.
    G2-4T - Goose droid from upper droid room.
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    I'm not sure on these figures. If I do get them it will be because the Fan Club had them at a reasonable price. I'm not going to go out of my way or pay much any EU figures. The whole new jedi order thing has left a very, very bad taste in my mouth for any EU.
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    I think the R3 is the only one I'd buy.

    At least this one can be resonably assimilated into a diorama.

    The other ones look so reject from an old sci-fi movie OOPS did I say that out loud! J/K

    Seriously, if you don't go to the Park then you shouldn't be able to get these.

    It's kind of like being able to by the Hard Rock Cafe Shirts. Go to any of them and you can buy one that says Eygpt or something or another even if your in Pittsburgh, for instance. Just being able to buy them anywhere doesn't show you made the effort to get there to get them. That's why I'll probably NEVER own a Jorg Sacul (besides the outrageous price for him). This should have been for C2 goers only, period. One per person, for PAYING customers only and not vendors or paid booth workers (Unless they pay admission). This way there wouldn't be the "Black Market for figs like these.

    The Disney figs do look cheesy IMHO with exception to the R3 as mentioned.
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    Since I actually worked on the Star Tours attraction at Disneyland in CA for three years, these will be a MUST-HAVE. And since I still have several friends that still work there, I'll be able to have them pick me up a set without having to bother going to the park myself. YAY!!
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    I have felt very passive about these star tours figures. I'm not close to the Disney land thing and I've never been to star tours. But I would buy them through the fan club if they became available.

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    Originally posted by Tycho
    I think it's DL-X2 that I haven't seen a picture of. It probably was in our news, but I must have missed it. Anyone want to attach a picture?
    Tycho, this thread has pictures of DL-X2 in it. That is if you haven't already seen them. That leaves 2 more to be revealed, if the original rumor of 6 holds true.

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