View Poll Results: Are you going to collect the Disney Star Tours Figures?

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  • Yes, these look great! I can't wait to get 'em!

    233 26.18%
  • Yes, I'll get them if I don't have to visit a theme park.

    355 39.89%
  • No, I don't think I'm interested in these items.

    212 23.82%
  • Maybe. I'm not sure they're going to be part of my collection.

    90 10.11%
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    In a word, No!

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    Apperantly the reason the 4th Droid isn't turning up yet is because it's planned for a second assortment. According to Rebelscum, there may actually be as many as 3 assortments, or 9 total droids.

    According to one source there will be nine droids altogether, not six. Three waves of three, with the second coming out in three months or so.

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    I was planning on picking them up earlier this month when I was down in SoCal for vacation. Now I'm a little more hesitant unless I can get them from the Fan Club cheaper than the $10 they'll be asking at the parks. I don't ever remember that boxy looking droid so I'll probably not get it, but the R3 is a definite yes. Can't have enough astromechs in my opinion..

    BTW Tycho, I hope you're right about the wide availability of these things. I talked with the manager of the Rebel Base at D-Land when I was there and he said they would probably be in short supply so you would have to come into the store to buy them. I find that to be very silly because if there's money to be made, Disney will have tons produced. When was the last time they ever limited production on something that was popular? Isn't that why they produce all those inane straight-to-video animated movies?
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    It would be great if these were to show up at The Disney Stores.

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    9 DROIDS?! Wow....I was considering a nice lot of 3 to add to my collection but 9 seems like a lot. I'll play this one by ear...

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    Bring on the droids!

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    Ive got tons of other figures to worry about right now instead of some theme park attractions so I voted no.

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    That is why I voted only through fan club. I am a completist, but I also have other things to get to before these Star Tours figs. I only have up to Jango Final Battle!! I need figs #32-#44!!

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    Ive never been on star tours so these figs mean nothing to me other than a curiosity.

    Im sure they will still sell great because star wars fans will buy almost anything...

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    I am soooo there.
    It's ironic they bring them out this year as my friend and I are making a trip there in August.

    Needless to say...I will have to pick up 3 sets of them

    BTW - anyone know if the Indy figures are still available? I didn't get one the last time I was there since they were sold out!!!!!

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