View Poll Results: Are you going to collect the Disney Star Tours Figures?

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  • Yes, these look great! I can't wait to get 'em!

    233 26.18%
  • Yes, I'll get them if I don't have to visit a theme park.

    355 39.89%
  • No, I don't think I'm interested in these items.

    212 23.82%
  • Maybe. I'm not sure they're going to be part of my collection.

    90 10.11%
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    They had a ton of Indy's in stock when I was there in December. Don't know if this helps.

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    THX for the info!
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    Remember That all exscusives usualy wind up on discount shelves later on. look at the target's and TRU's.
    The fan club is under new ownership and we can only hope they will carry these figures so the true fans can get these.
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    the "bug"

    For those of us who are unfortunate enough to be bestowed with the unique characteristic of being a completist, I would have to say a resounding YES!...if I can find them through the Fan a reasonable price.

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    the two reasons i do not if i will buy them are 1) i have never been on the ride 2) with my collection being carded them might look out place with the disney symbol on them.

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    Go on the ride!!! It's the most fun I've ever had on a theme park attraction, even the line is great. It puts you into the Star Wars universe flawlessly!
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    I envy you Jeditricks. I would love to be there now.

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    It's good to have connections and collector friends!

    My SW collector friend is getting married and is going on a honeymoon to Disneyland in August. We exchange E-mails frequently, yet I've only met him three times since we started talking in Sept/August. Yet when we met last week he agreed to get the figures for me. Of course there were only two known at the time. Now there are four with a rumor of two more being made.

    Plus, he said he is getting them for a couple of different people. Hope he doesn't go bankrupt buying all of them. And I hope he leaves enough room in his luggage.
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    I would never buy these figures. They are cheap, stupid, and looks like toddler toys you get at McDonalds. They would never discrace my collection no matter what they are worth.
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    Picked up five sets this last weekend-one for my own collection and four sets for trades to fill in some of the gaps. I wanted them just to say that my POTJ collection is complete (at least, for now.) There's only three out right now-Collection 1 is RX-24 "Rex", G2-4T and R3-D3. The other one is part of collection 2. From what I've heard, there are actually supposed to be nine total. 3 in collection 1, 3 in collection 2, and 3 in collection 3. Trust me, these look much better in person than the pictures that you're looking at on websites.

    Guys, look...plan the trip. You do not have to pay admission to any of the theme parks. "Once Upon A Toy" is located in "Downtown Disney" which is just a bunch of stores located outside the actual gates of any of the theme parks. Disney is just way too expensive anyway...go to Medievil Times or something instead.


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