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    I just got back from Disneyland, California yesterday.

    All they had were the first 2, no R3-D3 droid.

    They were quite plentiful, too. A scalper was there, having paid admission to Disneyland (figures are not sold in the store outside the park) and he bought $256 worth of figures (all the clean cards basically). I was in line after him and bought 3 sets.

    I did ask this guy if he was going to put those in a locker or his car and enjoy some of the rides, and he said he'd only come to the park to do that shopping and then go home and get on E-bay. Yup! I had that predicted.

    Meanwhile, after several rides on Star Tours and Space Mountain, I'd noticed the ranks were completely restocked with tons more figures (of the same type). These are not going to be rare, and the park should not be sold out of them if you go there to get 'em.

    Meanwhile, I noted every single droid or character they could make from the scenery:

    a Mon Calamari officer is a potential (and an easy-rehash).

    a Disneyland employee as your Flight Attendant is also possible.

    a weird, tiny alien from the Flight Safety video that's shown while the instructions to buckle your seat belt are playing.

    A human, male, Rebel Pilot that guides you through the war zone.

    Then of course, there's the droids.

    The R5 is orange with the two eyes instead of 3 like R5-D4 and Emperor Jargo said. It might be yellow, but hard to tell in the light. Potential droids it could represent in the movies are the R5 in Mos Eisley, the R5 on the Naboo Royal Starship, or a droid glimpsed in Echo Base.

    The R4 is Green. I doubt it was R4-M9 (though I immediately looked for a Mouse Droid to sniff! 'Doh!) But would make a pretty cool figure though with R4 droids, I'm really interested in Imperial (black ones) from the Death Star II, and the white one with the black head from Echo Base on Hoth.

    There are 2 droids that are made from the animatronic duck body.

    There is another droid that looks like it's almost organic, and would sort of remind you of 4-LOM.

    The last one I noticed was the other that we've already been shown as in production.

    R2-D2 and Classic C-3PO also have potential, while Prequel versions of them are currently being released in most non-exclusive venues.

    The ride was still great though and I had a lot of fun. It could be better though, and Universal's Back to the Future rides still knock the pants off of it!
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    R4 droid

    R5 droid

    both pics are from rebelscum and were sent in by brandon Vise (just to get the credits in there)
    The R4 droid isn't really significantly different to R4-M9 that we only just got but the R5 droid is something else. I love his little eyes. But what to do what to do, this one with two eyes or an actual three eyed R5-D4? I want both types of R5 droid. not much of a difference but enough to get me excited.

    Oh and Tycho, the Imperial R4 droid is dark grey/blue not black. The R5 astro droids are black though.

    Also the white droid with the black head in Echo base is an R5 not an R4.

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    Is R3-D3 suppose to be more of a knock off of our beloved R2 than an actual droid?
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    these figures aren't even selling on E-Bay. Anyone who tries to scalp these figures is wasting there time.


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