"In 5 days... Expect more from DVD" (voice and text match here); Cut to a starfield with a giant black I with glowing orange light, a big new shiny gold Star Wars logo, and the glowing red The Phantom Menace underneath that, voice over says "Star Wars Episode One..." (no voice-over saying "The Phantom Menace"); cut to scene of a view from the cockpit of Anakin's podracer avoiding scavenger droids, on-screen text reads: "The 7 new scenes are true gems" DVDreview.com voice over says "See 7 newly-created scenes that critics rave are true gems." During that voice over, we see Ani's pod fly by more scavenger droids, a shot of the Coruscant taxi in action, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan escaping from the Gungan Sub hanging over the waterfall with the rotor still slowly spinning. Scene diagonally wipes to Qui-Gon on Tatooine whipping out his saber and slashing a sith probe droid in half, voice over says "Star Wars Episode One, on DVD October 16th", during this, the scene changes to a close-up of Sebulba's podracer engine opening the flame weapon hatch and flaming Ody Mandrell's pod engine, finally they show the disks sliding out of the cover.

So I'm guessing we won't be seeing this commercial today. (because it's now 4 days until the DVD.) I saw this commercial last night during Farscape and they showed those little snips from some of the DVD cut scenes, but the blithering text all over them while the announcer was going on and on ruined the effect, you couldn't see as much as you would want. Anyway, so you DVD folks should be a little jazzed now.