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    Frailty: the Matthew McConaughey/Bill Paxton film

    i rented this dvd recently, and was quite suprised at how good it was. it wasn't a masterpeice, it had a low budget, and some child actors who weren't so great, but overall it was a pretty good movie, in the tradition of hitchcock or m. night shamalayan.

    bill paxton directed the film, his first, about a family of serial kilers who may or may not be insane. from the advertisements i recall seeing, this was billed as a McConaughey film, but he has a small role in it, and mostly narrates the film. the majority of the film focuses on McConaughey's character as a child and his father's evil deeds.

    if this film had a major star and director attached, along with a bigger production and ad budget it would of gotten more attention. but, with that said, it's worth renting. way, way better than that piece of crap "reighn of fire", in which McConaughey plays his texas chainsaw character, without the chainsaw. if i ever see McConaughey in texas, i'm gonna get a refund for that one!:happy:
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    This was an excellent film that was directed by and starred Bill Paxton along with Matthew Mc Connehey. For a low budget movie it sure was worth the three or four bucks it cost to rent it. I would put it up there with the Usual Suspects, IMO it really was that good.

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    Damn straight, I love this movie. It makes me appreciate Paxton even more as the character of Dad, showing he has truely come a long way since his punk days on The Terminator. I'm glad the film was done on the low budget, and not on a big budget. It didn't need it at all, since the story could be told without special effects. Great movie, anyway. So great that it warranted a spot in my dvd collection.
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    It'll be tough for Paxton to top his performance in Aliens though. Hudson, I love that character.
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    Yes, I loved this film. Instant cult status in my book. And yes, it earned a spot in my DVD collection as well.
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    I too was shocked at how good this move was. Bill Paxton seems to be in a few really good movies that not many people know about. Has anyone seen "A Simple Plan"? That one also supprised me.

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    For those who liked this movie you might want to rent "Clean Shaven". It was a realistic film on schizophrania that was not Hollywoodized like a Briliant Mind. But if you can't stand artsyish flims don't bother as there is almost no dialog in the film.
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    Re: Frailty: the Matthew McConaughey/Bill Paxton film

    I bought it "blind" from the $5.50 bin and finally watched it last week . . . it was cool, I guess. Odd that Powers Boothe's character is intent on catching a serial killer when he himself has such a horrible demon (no pun intended) in his closet.

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    Re: Frailty: the Matthew McConaughey/Bill Paxton film

    Ok, I'm ready to reach through the computer screen and whip each and every one of you that found this movie even remotely entertaining.

    Horrible acting and a horrible story (which was also insanely predictable).

    There has been only handful I was mad after seeing a movie because I wasted my time watching it, and Frailty is near the top of that list.
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    Re: Frailty: the Matthew McConaughey/Bill Paxton film

    I liked it... I think.... I can't quite remember as it's been 2 and 1/2 years since I've seen it and replied to this thread!

    Who's digging up these old posts anyhow

    That's just spam... uhh like this reply I guess

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