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    Question bloody luke with oil coming out of his mouth?

    we just got our bloody luke today and it loks like there is oil coming out of his mouth. i know it means nothing in value, but does any one else have one like this?
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    Nope, sounds to me like a production error/sloppy paint job.

    Only differences I've heard about between the bloody and non-bloody versions, besides the blood of course, is that the marks on Lukes face seem to be darker, more pronounced on the bloody version. As well as his clothes look a bit more dirty.

    Haven't heard anything about anyone finding an "oil from the mouth" one, until yours. Would you happen to be able to take a picture and post it so I can get a look at it? It sounds intresting. I'd like to see it.
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    Boy, what fluid will Luke be leaking next?
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    I think you definitely got a defective one... I got one infront of me now... And there isn't anything coming out of his mouth...
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    The paint detail on Luke's face varies greatly. I must have passed up at least 30 because of splotchy/excessive paint on the face, or I wasn't satisfied with the wash on his fatigues.

    Then again, I wanted a clean-looking Luke for general use. I'm sure these little unique additions might appeal to certain scene-builders who want a more beat-up look. Or a drooling Luke to hang from the weathervane.
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    i have the more "tatered clothes" version. the clothes look very spotty with black paint right around hisright arm where the remander of his arm is.
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    Maybe your Luke figure was suppose to be in a X-Files episode JK....
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    I never saw more than one Bespin Luke, the paint detail on mine is good, lucky me!
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    Mine has bluish gunk paint coming from his mouth, what color is yours?
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    black. if you were talking to me...
    Sampsonite! i was way off!


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