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    do ya wanna get MAMEd?!?

    Hey DA- just wanted to freak you out with the title. Sorry, I'm a JERK sometimes!!
    The "avatar" thread seems to have headed in a MAME (Multi arcade machine emulator, for anyone who don't know)direction, so I figgered rather than drift RIGHT off topic, I'd start this thread.
    With the 80's threads and so on, I figured MAME and all the classic video games might make for some interesting interactions, and just for Dar'Argol, I figured that it would be the most uncontroversial thread I could start.
    So to all MAME users, what do you DIG, man??
    I'll list my faves soon, I wanna test the water first, but I will uncover one golden nugget- have you tried the game "I'm Sorry"?
    If not, go dig it up RIGHT NOW!! I may even have it, PM me if you're into the MAME deal. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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    I LOVE MAME as it lets me play all my old favorite games like the Mortal Kombat series and Street Fighter.
    I recently downloaded an emulator called vivanonno that is supposed to run the Ridge Racer games, but I can't find the ROMS anywhere, which sucks.

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    Where is this... MAME? Which muliple arcade machines does it emulate? I want to know more.

    The only things I know about are NESticle and BLEEM. Is this MAME some sort of pay-for software, shareware, freeware? What?

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    As far as I know, it's free- I didn't follow Swaffies link, I have mame 32 already, but you can download it from a lot of places, and many different versions.
    The roms are kinda grey market, you can GET them, you just can't sell them.
    It (MAME) emulates basically EVERYTHING evr releasde as an arcade game, if you look you can find everything, from pong to newer stuff like Street fighter. Many really new games require a different emulator, as do Neo Geo games. It's REALLY cool, by pressing TAB you can set up how hard the game is (or maybe it's F3, can't recall), how many "men" you get (remember when you'd play golden axe, and sometimes you only got 2 men? THAT's how it happened)
    MAME rules, for sure.
    What about GO GO mr Yamaguchi?? You actually have to run through an obstacle course type thing, picking up chocolate bars and PACKS OF CIGARETTES?!? What the hack does that even MEAN?
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    It's amazing the amounts of old games that you can have and how pitifully small they are.

    Punch-out in total was something like 80K.

    I'm still trying to find a decent version of Shinobi.
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    MAME rules. I've been using it for several years, and it keeps getting better and better. I probably have almost 3 CDs worth of ROMs for MAME. is a great MAME site, though they don't offer ROMs for downloading anymore due to legal pressure. But I love it...all the great old arcade classics, right there on your PC. Oh yeah, and check out this custom built arcade cabinet that runs MAME. Cool stuff.

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    Forhekset - that's an awesome cabinet! I'd love to have one of those sitting in my living room to challenge my friends to a game of Discs of Tron

    MAME is fun but I haven't gotten to play it as much as I'd like. Plus I have problems finding good controllers to use; like the Star Wars Arcade. Can I get a joystick to work with it? Because flying an X-wing with the keyboard just isn't right.
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    I use a Microsoft Sidewinder and it works perfectly. Getting the buttons mapped properly is kinda tricky, especially with the Mortal Kombat games.
    If you are more into Street Fighter, you may want to try the Final Burn emulator, it does a better job of emulating these newer (CPS2) games and the interface is easier to understand and use.
    Try out this site, it's my favorite for emulation news and links:

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    Play METAL SLUG, all the way.

    In one game this guy is like, "See you in hell, boy!" and then he gets eaten by a whale. And in another part you're drilling your way through huge worm things.


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