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    Originally posted by billfremore
    I take it we're avoiding the obvious good Sci-fi flicks, (Star Wars, Aliens, Evil Dead, yadda, yadda), and focusing more on not so well known movies.

    Ok then, TRON.
    (for obvious reasons)
    well, for some reason the evil dead movies might not be as well known as they should... so everyone should go out right now and watch them. now. go.

    i thought dark city was awesome! my psych professor at school wanted to start a course on the recent films that featured a protagonist who woke up into a world that was different from their preconceived notions, being mainly about dark city, the matrix, and the truman show. i thought that would've been an awesome course. oh, well. graduated before it ever got off the ground.
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    fantastic planet is what i would suggest mainly do to the fact that its a cartoon and has really big blue people who keep humans as pets.

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    The new version of the Thing is vastly superior to the original, in which the Thing was a carrot-like creature...

    An interesting sci-fi movie is Cube. Who's seen it?

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    yeah, cube was pretty cool... kinda drawn out, but cool.
    Nachos are the right of all sentient beings.

    The guns... They've stopped!
    - Dan Akroyd, Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope

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    cube was good just not one that comes to the top of my head

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    Originally posted by DeadEye
    The new version of the Thing is vastly superior to the original, in which the Thing was a carrot-like creature...

    An interesting sci-fi movie is Cube. Who's seen it?
    It's a really cool, thinking movie. I also love Nicole de Boer

    They've also already completed filming on the sequel, so it should be released sometime in the next year.
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    Cube was cool. I liked how, just like real life and/or women, it made no sense.

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    Originally posted by wedgeA
    DARK CITY- similar concept to The Matrix, but IMHO far superior, and predates that film by a year. Great DVD, especially considering that it was released in the format's infancy.
    I dunno about "far superior" to The Matrix, they feel so different that I don't really like to compare, but each succeeds in great ways. I sadly caught this film on TV for my first viewing which is kinda a bummer because the beginning of the film is supposedly a studio addition, it totally messes up the way the film plays out.

    I hate that I have to put "TRON" and "Blade Runner" into a category that includes the phrase "that not everyone might know about". I can't imagine why these films aren't already considered "must-see" by everybody.

    There are lots of good choices in this thread already, but some that haven't been mentioned yet are:
    - "Forbidden Planet" (probably the most lush, beautiful, well-produced pulp-sci-fi film ever, brought the '50s era of the genre to the big-screen in a way never done before without insulting the audience by kiddiefying anything. An incredible film which changed the cinematic genre forever)
    - "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (great message told in a pretty straightforward sci fi manner)
    - "2010" (better than the movie it's a sequel of in many ways, doesn't try to hide behind movie tricks or confound the audience, very straightforward sci-fi that has a good message and is a clear story rather than mired in style like 2001)
    - "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" (the Disney version, it's not totally accurate to the novel, but it's a great film)
    - "Soldier" (Kurt Russell gives a solid, understated performance here, the story is mostly straightforward and told well, it builds and succeeds on what it is. It's not fantastic or perfect, but it's solid)
    - "The 5th Element" (great style, fairly solid story, entertaining cast and a real story to boot)
    - "Stargate" (a great adventure that really captures a lot of my imagination. The show that comes after it is even better, but the movie is special because it delivers in some pretty good ways)
    - "Galaxy Quest" (a great spoof of Star Trek that turns out to actually be a loving HOMAGE to it and a good story on its own. This film is very well made and has a great production)

    There are definitely others I can't think of right now, and there are TONS of shows that fit this bill, but I'm blanking film titles and the shows are too numerous to mention (though Babylon 5 is definitely up at the top of that list).

    update - more additions to my list:
    - "Freejack" (not perfect, not even expensively-produced, but a pretty solid movie if you can get past the preconceived notions)
    - "Flight of the Navigator" (a bit of a kiddie flick, this film deals with some aspects of sci fi that we rarely explore in the cinema. It has heart and is good work)
    - "Explorers" (a great cast turns what could have been an entire kiddie flick into a good movie with some great sci fi concepts, a little weak once we get to the basic climax, but the finale salvages the film)
    - "Dark Star" (beyond description, this '70s sci fi satire is one of John Carpenter's early works. takes a good sideways look at a lot of sci fi concepts. not a lot of money went into it, but that works for it rather than against)
    - "Death Race 2000" (campy comedy sci-fi that works well in a low-budget sort of way. the concept of getting points for running pedestrians down is just a lot of sick fun)
    - "Demolition Man" (Sly Stallone, who is in the previous film I mentioned, makes a fairly good action sci-fi film out of this flick)
    - "Timecop" (Jean Claude Van Damme actually pulls a halfway decent sci-fi action film out of his toned posterior. I usually love time-travel themes and this one actually didn't let me down)
    - "Sleeper" (Woody Allen directed, wrote, and stars in a film where a nerdy guy from the '70s is thrust into a strange future. a bit Charlie Chaplin-esque in its antics, this film has some pretty crappy production values but is entertaining and funny in a strange way)
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    I gotta say I loved Stargate nad Galaxy Quest as well JT. Another one I liked was Freejack, with Mick Jagger and Emilio Estevez!. I thought it was a really good movie. I think I almost missed work one day finishing it. I have more but its much too late
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    I really disliked the Dune movie, having seen it almost immediately after reading the book. I remember saying to the person next to me, "they just skipped, like, half the book from the last scene to this one!!!!!"

    I agree with those who thought the remake of The Thing was pretty cool, and Enemy Mine, too.

    some location shots of the 'V' mini-series were filmed in North Hollywood / Studio City. One day, I was riding my bicycle up the street, and there at the end of the block was a freakin' flying saucer sitting right in the street. Even in L.A., this was not so common a sight that my first thought would be, "gee, they must be filming a movie." No, siree! My pulse went to about 200 bpm, and I approached with fear and wonder. As I got farther up the block, then I saw the production equipment & crew & cast all around. But for that 30 seconds from first seeing the flying saucer until I saw what was really happening, I was having a very cool afternoon!

    It may not be any epic of acting or film making, but I always thought Escape From New York was cool, too.

    Anyone else like the 60's sci-fi 'Marooned' ?

    What about Starman?
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