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    Originally posted by Dar' Argol
    I gotta say I loved Stargate nad Galaxy Quest as well JT. Another one I liked was Freejack, with Mick Jagger and Emilio Estevez!. I thought it was a really good movie. I think I almost missed work one day finishing it. I have more but its much too late
    Wow, I added a bunch of titles to my post and the first addition was "Freejack", which I just got on DVD and saw in theaters when it first opened. Great minds thinking alike, or just coincidence?

    BTW, I read EVERY sci-fi movie title in the IMDB to get my list above and I'm concerned that cinematic sci-fi might suck more than I give it credit for since there's 3000+ titles and we've got well under 100 "cool" films here.
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    Great call on 2010. I don't necessarily agree with your statements regarding 2001, as I think they filmakers wanted to create a philospohical statement to be digested, examined and discussed, but not thoroughly understood. Anyway, I think that 2010 is a worthy sequel and is for the most part unfairly disregarded by fans of the original.

    As for Dark City, I do hold it in high regard, but I was also extremely disappointed by The Matrix. I thought that the film began brilliantly, but degenerated in to a slick yet ultimately mind-numbing schlock fest. I thought the means through which Neo realizes his destiny is laughable and the film pretty much loses any credibility for me at that point. I think the filmakers said "nuff talk and thinkin' stuff, let's fight!!"

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    JediTricks, you just about nailed my list of fav. Sci-Fi movies. I would like to add:

    War of the Worlds
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    Originally posted by DeadEye
    An interesting sci-fi movie is Cube. Who's seen it?
    Cube was a very interesting movie.

    Kinda makes ya feel claustrapobic if you watch it with the lights out.
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    I'm rather a bad judge of movies because I watch just about anything SF, including things like the Quatermass series and am content.

    I enjoy many of those already mentioned, including

    Alien series
    Dune (both movie and TV)
    The Day the Earth Stood Still
    War of the Worlds
    Forbidden Planet
    Fifth Element
    Enemy Mine

    Some not mentioned yet:

    Thirteenth Floor....Matrix undertones.
    Frequrency.... has a basic SF premise but is mostly a mystery thriller.
    Star Trek IV
    The 6th Day
    Somewhere in Time
    The Time Machine...the old one
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    Originally posted by JediTricks
    - "2010" (better than the movie it's a sequel of in many ways, doesn't try to hide behind movie tricks or confound the audience, very straightforward sci-fi that has a good message and is a clear story rather than mired in style like 2001)
    I must disagree with my esteemed colleague, JediTricks. 2001 is one of the greatest films, SF or otherwise, ever made.

    - 2001 has several of the most memorable moments in movie history.
    * Primordial men leaping around the mysterious "Monolith" (the word itself found its way into usage only on the heels of the film).
    * The Starchild observing Earth to the triumphant strains of Richard Strauss (has music ever been used better in a film?)
    * Dave slowing lobotomizing the murderous computer, the HAL9000, while he begs for his life and eventually sings "Daisy" as his swan song.
    * The incredible transition from prehistoric times to the year 2001.

    -Certainly the movie makes demands on the viewer. Kubrick was never one to bash you over the head with symbolism. (Try looking for all the reproductive imagery). The movie goes over 40 minutes before any dialogue is spoken. Sorry, no big explosions or thrusters firing in this one- realism was Kubrick's goal, and in space, no one can hear you scream. Looong shots. In today's MTV style films, the camera changes about every 10 seconds (think Charlie's Angels). Kubrick will hold a shot for minutes on end.

    This film is a treasure trove, but you need to go in ready to look- not expecting it to be shovelled down your throat. It is a grown up movie for grown ups. I think Steven Spielberg and Lucas would have my back on this one.
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    I had the pleasure of seeing 2001 on the big screen when our local Cinerama theatre had completed renovation (it is now a Checker auto parts store-THE HORROR!), and it ranks as most my most memorable and satisfying movie going experience. Kubrick's attention to detail is much more noticeable, with the various instructions and the Aeroflot bags, etc. So much is lost on a TV screen, I have not been able to watch it since the theatre.

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    Arrrgh! You are lucky! No fair, No fair!

    In fairness to JediTricks, though, Rock Hudson walked out of the premier muttering, "Will someone please tell me what the Hell this is about?"
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    Deeper meanings of Clarke's storyline aside, 2001 may be more meaningful to those of us who saw it when it first came out, because the effects at the time were awesome. I recently watched it on DVD, and some of the effects STILL are competitve wirh anything coming out today. Kubrick was one of the best film makers ever. I wish he'd not made 'EWS' because it was a bad way to go out. But I can't think of any other film maker whose films can be dissected down to nearly any frame, and find breathtakingly impressive composition - practically like a portrait in every frame. Not only artistic composition, but some powerful films and some of the best performances from actors ever captured on film. I think a director has to get some of the credit for bringing out those performances. Not all, for sure, but some.
    I think Spielberg & FF Coppola are two others in a very small group of directors who can bring out over-achieving performances in their actors.
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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    The Abyss - Great flic, but make sure you get the Director's Cut. The theatrical version was cut so much, that you don't understand what's going on. At least with the D.C. you get alot more info, and you know what's happening.
    the extended version makes the movie a much deeper film (no pun intended.) just watch it.
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