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    Originally posted by odb
    One film I missed off that anyone should at some point see is Metropolis. It may seem a rubbish now but considering it was made back in the 30s, so you can see how many films it has inspired since then. Truly a Grandaddy of Sci-Fi films.
    Metropolis is definatly an often forgotten movie classic. And was pretty much one of the first real serious sci-fi movies. It's hard to believe it was made back in 1927. It's so sad that so much of the film is lost to time, thanks to the Nazi regime. But they keep turning up more footage all the time, and there is a 2-disc DVD S.E. of it coming out next year.

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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks

    there is a 2-disc DVD S.E. of it coming out next year.

    Finally someone might do it justice. This film has to be some of the most cut, re-edited and messed about films, with numerous versions ranging from a dubbed version to a special short version to keep audiences happy. Although a directors commentary may be missing

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    I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention this one, but "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension" deserves to go on my list (and hopefully yours too). This one is just so out there, but "cool sci-fi" is definitely a very accurate description of this flick.
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    Anyone see Signs yet? It definately deserves inclusion on this list. An incredible film.

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    Oh my- I cannot forget to mention:


    For you young ones, I would not recommend it for many reasons. First, the content is too graphic and the movie really slows down in the second act, when the philosophical issues are delved into. But talk about hard SF that leaves you pondering the imponderables! Crime- how should we deal with it? Should we punish or reform? Is reform more cruel than punishment, contrary to popular belief? This is what SF is supposed to do. A real gem.
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