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Thread: Recent finds

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    what would like to trade for? 3inch figures

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    Yes, I am interested in the 3 3/4" figures. In order of most wanted to least:

    jorg sacul
    toy fair vader
    ep1 amidala battle & r2-b1
    300th boba fett

    Also, checked back where I found the 100th Luke and it appears to be in good condition. Box is a little worn. Other two figures' boxes are more worn, but figures appear to be in good shape. If you're an opener, this should be ok for you.
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    That 12" 100th Luke is still available. I guess I'm not surprised based on the lack of responses I've received.

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    I think it'll take a lot more than what you found to get a
    Toy Fair Vader & Sacul fig.
    These go for BIG money now.

    Good luck though,



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