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    12" figure/vehicle combos

    I remember a thread about this. But I cannot remember where it was nor when it was done. So, SSG staff, if you find it and move it here feel free to delete this post. I am not a number monger.

    On to the interesting stuff. I have been thinking long and hard about what 12" vehicles could be done. And here is what I came up with:

    BATTLE DROID/STAP - For some unknown reason, this is the one I would most like to see.


    C-3PO/LUKE'S LANDSPEEDER. We have enough Lukes and a well articulated C-3PO is in dire need of being made

    COUNT DOOKU/SPEEDER - I thought it looked cool.

    ANAKIN/SWOOP - I am sure it is on the way.

    AURRA SING/SWOOP - 'nuff said

    SWOOP TROOPER/SWOOP - Can never have too many swoops. They are cool.

    T.I.E FIGHTER PILOT/T.I.E. FIGHTER - Yeah I know it would be big and expensive. But I would own it. Maybe a couple of 'em.

    X-WING PILOT/X-WING - Same thing.

    NABOO STARFIGHTER PILOT/NABOO STARFIGHTER - Same thing. Those big Wal-Mart displays would have been about the right size

    BOBA FETT/SLAVE 1 - Same thing...only bigger.


    POD RACERS/PODS - I don't care for these myself...just something for the pod racer fans.

    I didn't bother to mention the ones that I am sure will come out like ENDOR LEIA/SPEEDER.

    I would buy ANY vehicle that Hasbro made for 12" even if they made a Death Star playset the size of a house.
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    i think the best chance for a 12 inch scale vehicle would be either the snow speeder or land speeder.

    i personally would love a 12 inch scale snowspeeder.
    they could get the scale pretty close to the proper size, and probably have a price of about $150.

    this is the kind of stuff a useful fan club would be selling.

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    I think Anakin's and Zam's Speeder is the only choice right now for Hasbro. But they will not do it true to scale (85 cm and 1.10 m large) I don't mind. Just the figures have to fit in.

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    It's not a vehicle, but what about a 12" Scale Eopiee and Shmi Skywalker with Kitster?

    That'd make the Tatoooine crew complete.

    Since I brought up beasts:

    12" wounded Padme and Nexu

    Bantha and Tusken keeps getting rumored.

    Geonosian and Picador (crocodile thing)


    Oh heck - we were on vehicles and I didn't see:

    Obi-Wan and Jedi Starfighter! "with Jedi Cloak finally..."

    I too would like to see all the vehicles Darth Cruel listed. I think the smaller ones are possible, as is a snowspeeder derek listed and the E2 airspeeders that N-2PF listed.
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    Tycho - Some of those beasts ARE vehicles for the characters so they count. And if we count those beasts it wouldn't be PC to not include the others.
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    Oohhh, a Bantha and Tuskin would be awesome! I too would love to see a 12" scale vehicle. Tie Fighter or Snow Speeder would be my top 2 choices. They would look great hanging from my ceiling.
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    Re: 12" figure/vehicle combos

    Originally posted by Darth Cruel
    BATTLE DROID/STAP - For some unknown reason, this is the one I would most like to see.
    There is one from AMT Ertl. 1:6 Model Kit, that sizes perfect.

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    Thanks N-2PF, I'll have to find that!
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    Who wants a 1/6th scale skiff?

    Okay this might be impossible dream. But really who wants hasbro to make a 12 inch skiff? It could come with Nikto 12 inch or the Lando Skiff figure....
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    Re: Who wants a 1/6th scale skiff?

    Just a pic from Ebay


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