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    Hasbro, don't rerelease the HTF POTJ figures!

    You've said that you've considered releasing some of the POTJ figures on blue cards. Bad choice, in my opinion.
    If you want to release the Rebel Trooper or Imperial Officer again, be my guest. Just give them more accessories and new head sculpts (like white hair on the Rebel and brown on the Imperial). Go ahead with the army builders. I'm fine with those.
    Release Zutton with some of the Cantina bar as a Wal-Mart exclusive. Allrighty. Make a new Eeth Koth without robes. Whatever. Just don't release old figures on new cards. I don't care if Kenner did it in the 80s.
    A wonderful idea for you to rerelease these is through the Fan Club. Put them on whatever kind of card you like: it's your decision. Just don't add any new accessories (this would be a waste), or give them a number in the system.
    Thank you for probably not even listening.
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    Why wouldn't you want the harder to find figures put back out? It makes the hobby more friendly for everyone. Saying things like this make people think that you are concerned about value and not about the figures.
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    The big reason is that they're not hard to find everywhere - TRU here has about three cases each of FX-7, Eeth, and BoShek waves. The only ones selling are BoShek and co. Zutton is pegwarming everywhere by the dozens (and he can't be put in the Walmart sets because he was in the Holiday Special's Anchorhead Cantina)

    If Hasbro really wanted to recard, they could do Sio Bibble, Royal Guard, Pit Droids, R2-B1, TC-14, and a few other Episode 1. But if they're going to ignore that failure in distribution, then I say don't recard any of them and let secondary market work everything out.
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    Actually, I've given it some thought and wouldn't mind if they released them again. I'd prefer them on the green card, and with no new accessories.
    Say, LT . . . how much would you be asking for one of those figs? (and YES I'm being serious)
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    I'm all for re-release IF and only if they were hard to find in their initial run. Figures like R2-Q5, Scout Trooper Clean, and R4-M9 spring to mind. I'd also love it if they re-released a few other items, such as:

    - Han Solo/Tauntaun.
    - Luke/Wampa.
    - Qui-Gon/Eopie.
    - Bantha/Tusken Raider.
    - Tarpals/Kaadu (this time include a pair of display feathers so we can also put them on the first version of the Kaadu).

    While Hasbro's at it, make 2 new ones. A Jabba the Hutt ROTJ style with all of his crap he has in the movie (pipe, food and Bubbo) and he should be compatible with the cardboard Jabba's Palace Diorama.

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    Umm . . . I know you live in the Netherlands and all, but R2-Q5 was easy to find in the USA. And maybe it was just me, but the only kind of Scout trooper I saw in stores was the clean one. And, I don't remember a kaadu and Captain Tarpals, though I wouldn't mind one.
    And uh, Lord Tenebrous? How 'bout dem prices?
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    I wish they'd rerelease the Security Battle Droid, I've only got 2 and can't find any more.

    It's the best BD yet, I'd also like a Pilot Battle Droid though.

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    hasbro should rather release some htf POTF2 figs like reeyees, ishi tib, nikto etc.
    I know some may have found the figs in a normal tru or something but for us europeans it's pretty hard to get them for a decent price
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    I am totally against harder to find figures being re-released. It takes value away fromt he line, and if something is rare, it should stay rare. It makes the line much more interesting.
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    but I don't want to spend big bucks for a fig that is a bit older just because others had luck at finding them and don't want them to loose value
    and this would be a good way to take the scalpers away a part of their business (although completists would still wanna have both versions)
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