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    movie posters

    I was wondering if anyone knew of a site that I can find all the posters for Star Wars and their possible value?

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    I recently bought the special edition posters here in paris for 7.50$ each so they're still normal price
    maybe this can help you finding them
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    Original OT posters that were shipped to theaters, called onesheets, can be quite expensive. Up until the early nineties, all posters sent to theaters were done through a company called NSS (National Screen Service, I think). All posters were shipped folded into a square and have an NSS number in the lower corner. The first number signifies the last 2 digits of the year of release, and the next number notes the order of release that year.

    In the mid nineties, studios started handling poster duties in house, so NSS died. A bummer really, because it is very difficult now to know what was really in the theater and what was bought fromSuncoast!

    Sooooo- if you are looking for an authentic poster, be sure to find the NSS number and make sure it was folded for shipping. anything else is a repro.

    Advance posters are the ones displayed inside the theater before release. The advance for Empire is especially cool- it has Darth Vader's helmet on a star field background.

    I've found Ebay to be a great place to hunt for movie posters. I think Star Wars actually had 4 different designs (A,B,C and D).

    Happy hunting! I wish I could afford to!
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    Thank you for the help and information. I recently purchased a 10th Anniversary Silver mylar poster on ebay and was just curious to find out what other posters looked like and sold for.

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    Do you have a picture of it you could post?
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    I don't have it yet. I will post one when I get it.

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    It's aslo important to remember that actual thatrical posters are 27x40 inches and not the smaller 24x36 that most repros are these days.

    Older posters are only one-sided, but newer ones (since theatres started using backlight window boxes) are double sided with the image reversed on the back to give a lighted poster more oomph. Repros of modern posters don't bother with double sided, so an authentic movie poster (that is, one that was intended for use in a theatre) will be double sided. And they are hella more expensive. The AOTC double sided will cost you north of $100, but a simple one sided repro can be found at Suncoast or Sam Goody for $15.

    Happy hunting.

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