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    Talking Plans for a new sand crawler!!

    Over at reblescum's fourms,they stated that the jawa sand crawler is on the drawing board,and will come with an exclusive R5-D4!!
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    If it is in the works then thats great, but why another R5-D4, we already have one and the Jawa's have many more droids than R5-D4. Show us something new if thats the case.

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    Originally posted by brandon
    If it is in the works then thats great, but why another R5-D4, we already have one and the Jawa's have many more droids than R5-D4. Show us something new if thats the case.
    I read about this over there along time ago, from a reputable forum member there. I didn't wanna get hopes up though, so I didn't mention it. I think R5-D4 would be a great choice as a pack-in. Though people that don't buy vehicles will likely be upset if he is chosen. As to why another R5-D4? Well the first one was horrible, over scaled, had a missle inside, and laser guns on it's legs. A re-sculpt is sorely needed.

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    I have that R5-D4 with the missile and the lasers on his legs. I lost the missile. Yes it is in bad need of a re-sculpt. An idea for Hasbro would to get cracking on making some of the other droids found inside and out of the Jawa sandcrawler. Or build some right in to the droid holding pen. I think that missile was in best hopes to re-enact little "red" blowing his servo-motor, but like his size it was over-exaggerated. The could make a panel in the top of his head open up and a piece stick out like it did in the movie, perhaps using a button. And make is "legs" as articulated as the Saga R2-D2 (the best R2 to date).
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    I'm not going to hold my breath for it, but, a Sandcrawler and a new R5-D4 would be great. Hopefully, they will release a few more droids from the Sandcrawler scenes before the end of the line.

    For the record, the POTJ2 R5-D4 looks much better after you cut off those guns and the plastic piece between his feet.

    Saga R2-D2 isn't my favorite R2. I like the Commtech R2 and the Preview R3 the best.
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    I have an R5,and I lost bolth his panels!
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    They could use the same technology that they used in R2-D2 with periscope so that the panel 'pops up' on the top of his head. But ultimately I hope the figures come seperately as not all of us will have a chance to get hold of what will undoubtedly be an American only exclusive vehicle. If I can't have the sandcrawler I'd like to be able to get hold of the R5 droid carded. Or the R1 droid or whatever droid it might be. I'm very unlikely to get hold of the shuttle if that makes it's way out this xmas and I'll be sore about that but even more sore if they pack the only Imperial dignitary in with it. I'll be the same if R5 comes with the sandcrawler.

    But like many, this news of the sandcrawler has been floating round so long now it's hard to take it seriously anymore. hasbro won't say either way whether it's in the works or not so why get flustered over it and waste energy?

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    Great, as long it is AT-AT sized! I'm not getting a Shuttle, but I would plunk down so cash for the Sandcrawler!
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    I would sacrifice some detail for scale, but Hasbro might choose to do the opposite. At any rate, I hape Hasbro will take its time and get the vehicle right, it can always release an AOTC Jawa Camp and ANH Scavenged Droids accessory set later on.

    Hopefully, it will come into development with the value of new vehicles like the Republic Gunship, so I'd hope for a $50-60 price tag, depending on certain additions.
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    it sounds cool, but i aggree with brandon that it should have a diffrent droid that r5. we just need another one of him in the regular line, not with a big sandcrawler that will probably cost 20-30.
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