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    The infamous alternate ending...

    Well, you may be wondering "Starfig, what brought this on?" Well, I found out one of my favorite movies, "Little Shop of Horrors" has a nice little alternate ending. One that matches more closely with the Broadway ending of Audri dying, Seymour losing to the plant and getting eaten and the plant lives and takes over.

    BUT, test screenings hated the ending and so they made a new one, the one that appears in the movie to this day.
    I like dark endings and all...but only if there is still a small glimmer of hope for the character..or something.

    Army of Darkness was another one with an alternate ending that I didn't like. Thought it was funny, but I preferred the "Hail to the King" ending.

    What are other alternate endings that you may have seen that you either hated, or loved more than the ending used in the final movie?
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    The alternate ending to Bladerunner, where they cut out the monologue about Rachel being a replicant with an unlimited life span.

    I actually prefer the happier ending, since it did offer a glimmer of hope for the characters. Plus it sticks in my memory much more clearly than any sad or bittersweet ending would have.

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    Uhhhhh....bigbarada? You DID know that Deckard was a replicant right? That's why they "escaped" up north together at the end, to live their "unlimited replicant lives" together...

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    If you were lucky enough to watch Halloween 6: Producers Cut, You might have noticed, a totally different beginning, a better plot, and an alternate ending, which was so much better than the original.

    Also Hannibal Has an alternate ending on the DVD.

    Scary Movie Has an alternate ending as well

    I believe almost all movies have more than one ending, and even TV shows have different intentions, like the simpsons Who Shot Mr. Burns Part 2, where almost everyone did shoot him, and the ending where Smithers did it.

    The alternate ending is what keep the Makers interested in how the end would turn out.
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    The alternate ending to one of my favorite films, The Nightmare Before Christmas, is rather odd. Oogie Boogie is unravelled, but is revealed to be Dr Finkelstein! When asked why, he says something to the effect of, "I built Sally out of scraps of cloth and body parts, but she loves you, Jack! You oblivious nitwit!"
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    I'm not thrilled with the "happy ending" of Blade Runner, I think the film should end with the closing of the elevator doors (though I really like the narration in the film), but I hate the idea that Deckard is a friggin' skin job!

    I still say Tito Puente did it!
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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    Uhhhhh....bigbarada? You DID know that Deckard was a replicant right? That's why they "escaped" up north together at the end, to live their "unlimited replicant lives" together...
    I'd heard rumors, but I never knew if anything was confirmed about that. Man that really sucks!!!!

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    In the book he aint a skin job, in Ridley Scott's version it's hinted at and Ridley would like to think he is but the actual fact is never disclosed and therefore can't be uttered with any certainty.

    I hated the voiceover. It was so clumsy. the directors cut is still bad though. Considering he missed the whole point of the book. The book is about faith and where you should put it. The sense of self belief over belief in false gods and hokey religious ideals. The sense of the dehumanising of humankind as we move into the future unknown. and the advent and advance of unyeilding technologies.

    Ridleys film looks nice and conveys in a hackneyed and over emphasised way the human versus machine argument but fails to deliver the goods as far as the real story goes. They should put back the death of Tyrell though. Make that even more gory and bloody like they originally filmed it. And lose that awful frickin Unicorn! TACKY TACKY TACKY!!! Ugh, how bad does that make Ridley look? about as bad as Spielberg that's how bad. Over sentimentalising gets me so mad.

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    Deckard being a replicant kind of ruins the movie for me and since nothing in the film does anything other than hint at it, then I choose to ignore this development so I can enjoy the movie.

    Aren't there supposed to be a bunch of alternate endings to Planet of the Apes? I hope we get to see them on the DVD, because anything but the one they chose would be more acceptable.

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    I'll never know, cause I'm not buying the suck-filled POTA DVD. Gads what a horrid film...


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