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    wierd Kit Fisto anomoly

    hey, i just got back from wal-mart.... and i found the wierdest, KIT FIST JEDI KNIGHT!!! It was just the card.... the bubble was empty but contained the holder which was the siloughette of good ol Kit. I noticed the lightaber accesory was included. I decided to purchase this, the wal-mart cashier got nosey and asked WHY i wanted this, so i told her to mind her own business. I brought it home and looked at. and decided to open it, i just couldnt let this awesome things stay on the card. Tell me thats not wierd?
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    man thats a crazy variation. that goes to show what hasbro's quality control is like

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    That is so funny... "Your lightsaber comes to $4.79." That is pathetic of Hasbro. They actually forgot the figure, that's just great. But no, they gave you the saber...I just find that very funny.
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    So the idea that somebody stole the figure and reglued the package never came to mind?
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    how lt?
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    See what they say if you'd take it back and try to get a refund for it. "See I bought this figure and it disappeared before I got home."
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    I have seen crazy things liek that before. Wrong figures packed in a blister that had been obviosly returned.
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    weird....................just weird.........that's all i can say.......
    Sampsonite! i was way off!


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