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    Angry Dissapointed with Republic Gunship

    I am really hoping someone has new information on the Gunship because I am not pleased with the pictures and scans I am seeing so far.


    Where are the Death Ray turrets???

    The Death Ray gunner stations are THE coolest aspect of the Republic Gunship, and they are conspicuously missing from the toy.

    Pardon me if this issue has already been discussed, but I could not find a thread which did.

    Is Hasbro going to be releasing, say, a Deluxe Clone Trooper packaged with a Death Ray gunner station which we can attach to the Gunship, thus making it complete?

    I certainly hope so, else I am going to have to spend the outrageous $90 for the Lego Gunship just so I can have at least one large-scale model of the Gunship which is accurate...

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    I'll let Jar Jar chime in on this, but I think your death ray gun pods will come with the clone pilots later this year. Check out the database for the clone pilots.

    Its an add on.

    But I'm sure some one around here can give you plenty of info...

    Don't freak out just yet.

    Also the new delux clone trooper will come with that speeder bike you see on the back.

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    wow, not what I thought they would look like...

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    Don't believe everything you "first" see...I think the gunship is going to be awesome!

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    I hope you're right, I intend to get it, if I can find it.
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    I am normally not a big ship buyer, but I think that I might just have to get this one.

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    Originally posted by tjovonovich
    wow, not what I thought they would look like...
    I think they did a pretty good job. I know a lot of people are going to complain that the bubbles aren't accurate and the clonetrooper should be able to sit in them, but they have to understand:

    The Gunship is not to scale; if it were it would be roughly 3 ft. long with a 7 ft. wingspan. As it is, the wings are over 2 ft long! That's pretty darn big.

    If they made the bubbles on the side turrets to scale, so you could put the gunner inside, it would just look wierd because they would be too big compared to the rest of the ship.

    I've made no secret of the fact that I'm looking forward to this ship more than anything else so far, so I can't WAIT! It looks like Hasbros done a great job so far. I hope the finished product turns out well.
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    My only complaint on the bubbles isn't that they're out of scale, but that they're not clear and extended outwards on their rods. I don't care if they can't fit the Clone troopers in them, but I just was hoping they would hang out like they do in the movie. Oh well, they're just pack-ins for the Pilot Clone, so...
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    I'm not overly concerned about the "bubbles"... chances are, Hasblah will change the final design on these anyhow. I think the ship has some really nice features. It's almost as if they are letting you customise the ship to a certain extent. I like that.
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