All figures are carded


Han Death Star Escape X2 .0400
Luke X-Wing X3.0400
Vader Wrath X2 .0400
Sandtrooper X2 .0400
Vader Dagobah .0100
Plo Koon .0300
R2-Q5 .0400
Maul Sith Apprentice .0400
Dirty Biker Scout .0400
Obi-Wan Cold Weather Gear X2 .0400

Green Card

Tarkin X2 .01 Both With Foil Stickers
Tusken Raider .01 With Foil Sticker
Sandtrooper .01 Without Foil Sticker

POFT2 Orange Card

Han Solo with "Carbonite Freezing Chamber" .00
Leia .00
Leia Canadian Card
Tie Fighter Pilot .01 (corner damage)

Episode 1

Darth Maul Jedi Duel .01


All figures are carded

POFT2 Green Card

Emporer Electronic
Boba Fett Half Circles
Luke X-Wing Pilot
Tuskan Raider open left hand
At-St Driver Freeze Frame
Boba Fett Freeze Frame
Captian Piett Freeze Frame "Balster piston and baton"
Garindan Freeze Frame
R2-D2 Freeze Frame Imperial slide
Snowtrooper Freeze Frame
Tie Fighter Pilot Freeze Frame
Weequay Freeze Frame
Zuckuss Freeze Frame
R2-D2 Flashback saber on the right side

POFT2 Orange Card

Ben Kenobi foil sticker
Boba Fett half circles on hands
Darth Vader short saber long tray
Han Solo in "Carbonite Block"
Han Hoth closed right hand
Luke Jedi tan vest
Luke short saber long tray
Hammerhead no warning sticker
Leia foil sticker
Tie Pilot without warning sticker
Tuskan Raider open left hand
Yoda foil sticker

Episode 1

Chancellor Valorum warning sticker
OOM-9 binoculars in bubble

Cinema Scene

Death Star Escape

Minted Coins

Han Bespin Gear
Leia Endor Gear