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    How many Star Tours figures are actually planned?

    I thought there were only going to be 3 figures, then another droid shows up.
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    It's been rumored that 6 figures will show up and there are current reports of the Starspeeder 3000 being made in figure scale also.

    So far we've seen 4, so only time will tell.
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    First there are 4 , then I think more will come out soon!!
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    Rebelscum is saying that we may end up with as many as 9. We will atleast get six, because the DL-X2 droid is the first figure from the second assortment.

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    Once upon a time...

    A poster at and posted that he had inside info on a planned set of 3 waves of 3 figures based on the Star Tours ride, along with the Starspeeder vehicle. The figures would be exclusive to Disney.

    Back then, the figures were dismissed as a rumor. (the figs were too obscure, disney's too exclusive, etc). Then as time passed, even more people thought is a rumor.

    Now, a year later, BAM! Star Tours figures. So, if we go back to that original, dismissed rumor:

    Wave 1: Has "Collection 1" on the card
    Starspeeder Pilot Droid - new
    G2 Mechanic Droid - new
    R2 repaint

    Wave 2: Has "Collection 2" on the card
    Repair Droid - new
    R2 Repaint
    Protocol Droid Repaint

    Wave 3: Has "Collection 3" on the card
    R2 repaint
    G2 Mechanic repaint
    NEW droid

    And a 3-3/4 inch scale Star Speeder.

    Well, wave one was dead on: Rex (the pilot), G2 (the mechanic) and R3 (a PotJ R2 repaint)

    Then, wave 2 so far we have DL-X2 (new repair droid).

    Based on this, I think we can expect those last 5 of the 9 figures to include the rest of the original list:

    Wave 2:
    R2 Repaint
    Protocol Droid Repaint

    Wave 3:
    R2 repaint
    G2 Mechanic repaint
    NEW droid

    Unless Hasbro changes everything again

    Only time (and sites like ssg and the scum) will tell...

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    A Protocol Droid Repaint would be great!
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    I could see 3 waves of 3. Basically we just have to wait and see.
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