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    Where do jedi come from????

    If jedi are not to be married where do little jedi come from

    I know the force runs strong in the Skywalker family
    but Anakin and Padme broke the rules

    Qul-gon says they find force sensitive babies in the republic, so.... jedi never have baby jedi they come from average people???
    If darth killed all the jedi, baby jedi are still being born ,right?? so why don"t Oby-wan or Yoda start to rebuild a jedi army?????

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    I guess its more like why did they not come back

    yes, after ROTJ luke starts up the new jedi order or whatever

    but,we are to think Yoda and Obi-wan were yust sittin' around sayin we are all thats left ----Tards!!!!!!!!! START TRAINING MORE FORCE SENSITIVE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The empire (IE Vader and Palpy) would sense a disturbance in the force. Yoda and obi-wan laid low enough under the Imperial radar to find and train luke. But Vader sensed the force in Luke (not knowing it was Luke) on the DS. Eventually him or Palpy found out it was skywalker and they made the connection. Now, Obi-Wan gave himself away on the DS too, but he died anyway. So once a Jedi got near enough to Palpy or Vader they would probably be fried and/or slashed up by one of the two. It was to risky. They both knew that Luke (or Leia depending on how events could have turned out) alone could topple Vader.
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    Because Vader and Palpy would have sliced through these wannabe Jedi trainees like a hot knife through butter, and they would have been in the same boat as they started in.
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    Ya don't have to be married or in love to have THE SEX! Although, I should point out that it is more proper in most circles to do so.

    I'm still not entirely sold that the Jedi are completely forbidden to love nor marry. I simply got the impression that it is generally discouraged due to the possible weaknesses that may occur when one has such connections, and not completely off limits.

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    Well maybe Jedi can marry eachother, Obi-Wan was only ****ed off that she was a politician. If she were a Jedi Knight he might not have cared as much.
    "Adventure, excitement... a Jedi craves not these things." - Silent Bob, Mallrats

    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck." - Ben Kenobi

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    I think that he was just jealous of Anakin and his relationship with Padme and her torn shirt.
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    The force can pop up in random places, according to the EU at least, and considering some of the species we see in the movie that we wouldn't normally see as Jedi potential, I guess it applies to the movies also.

    I have to agree with RooJay, I think they don't actually ban it from the whole thing, it's just they don't want the Jedi's judgement getting impared which you can pretty much get from the argument in the Gunship between Anakin and Obi-Wan after Padme fell off.
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    Q: Where do Jedi come from?

    A: The stork brings them.
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