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    Luke Speederbike -- use the DPCI

    After reading on one of the sites yesterday that someone had found the new 12" Luke Speederbike at a Target in Southeastern Massachusetts, I stopped at my local store today (in Western Mass).

    There still wasn't a sticker for them on the shelf, and certainly no sign of them there, so I stopped at the customer service desk and asked them to check the DPCI number for me. After consulting the little computer contraption thing they use, the friendly sales associate said that they had one, and I could purchase it. So, a couple of minutes later, I had my little treasure in hand.

    On another note, the B-wings have shown up in the clearance aisle here this week. After about 6 weeks of not seeing any sign of them, about 10 showed up on the shelf this week in the clearance section. (Priced down to $28.90). After checking for my receipt at home, I went to get a price adjustment at the service desk. The same friendly sales associate said that they can't do price adjustments after 14 days. (The receipt does say that you can return them for 90 days though). Looks like we have to play their stupid little game -- tomorrow I will return mine (for full price) and immediately repurchase the same one to save myself $11 plus tax. I don't understand why this stupid policy doesn't get changed, but I WILL do what I have to to save a few bucks.

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    I concur!


    I'm doing the same damn thing . I guess they think that they're kidding someone by jacking the retail waaaaayyyy up initially, then throwing more out on clearance. In the end, most of us who paid full price suffer the fools fate because most of these damn exclusives often never show up on clearance. and we end up getting stuck paying full price... Well, I found two of the B-Wings on clearance last week, and yes, I'll be returning the one I paid $40 plus tax for a few short weeks ago... screw you, Target. As a matter of fact, I got the run-around when I found the 12" Luke with Speeder earlier this week. They wouldn't honor the raincheck price I had gottne the week before! Bastards... Target sucks; just plain sucks...
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    Problem is, I think...and I clarify "THINK", that once an item goes on clearance, you CAN'T return it for full price...only for the current price of the item.

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    Emp. Howdy (and all...);

    I'm going to try tonight, on my "lunch" hour. I'll let you know how it goes...
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    Well, well, well...

    It worked! Probably because they're morons, but it worked very easily...
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