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    Ingrateful Afghanis?

    I just saw a thing on MSNBC where they're saying that Afghanis are complaining about the food we are dropping. Apparently, we're dropping MRE's and they said they want rice, sugar, and wheat. At least one man was said to have thrown the food down after tasting it.
    I know they probably don't eat certain things due to their religion, but if you're starving, you're starving. I don't eat pork or beef, but I'd tear into some beans and franks if I was starving to death.
    But this leads to another question. If the tables were turned, would you eat food dropped by the "enemy"?
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    Our gov't says the MREs they're dropping are vegetarian and fit in with the customs of the Muslim religion. If I had the choice between eating an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) from the US or not, I would probably choose the latter simply based on the taste, texture, flavor, and smell - I've yet to encounter a US governtment MRE that was anything but yucky. I've even had uncooked dehydrated camping food that was better than MREs (though uncooked camping spaghetti will give you the runs, as my entire Boy Scout troop learned... the HARD WAY!!!).
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    Hey!! If you know how to prepare them right, MRE's are yummy! Especially the Beef Ravioli and Chili Macaroni meals. The key is to use the little jars of Tabasco Sauce to utmost effect. In essence cauterizing your taste buds before they get a chance to tell you how much the food sucks.

    In all actuality I like many of the MRE meals (I've eaten enough to know which ones are good). Which meals did you try, JT? Were they in dark brown bags, if so then those are the old ones and understandably gross. IF you ever get ahold of the tan bags with the actual nutrition labels on them, those are much better. Just stay away from Meatloaf with Gravy, Beef and Mushrooms, and any menu with Turkey. I'd recommend Beef Ravioli (some of them even come with a Slim Jim!), Chicken with Cavateli, Chili Macaroni (even though the rest of the menu kind of sucks), Beef Stew (cheese spread with jalapenos! woo-hoo!), Cheese Tortellini (vegetarian) and Pasta with Vegetables (another vegetarian meal).

    Oh yeah, avoid the Pork Steak in Jamaican Style Sauce like the plague!!

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    Forgive my insensitivity, but I'm MUCH more interested in the dropping of LGBs, like GBUs, than MREs. CULater.

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    My dad used to get me the ones in the dark brown bags. I had to survive on them for a few summers years ago. Chicken ala King was the only one I could stomach. And the peanut butter in the green pouches with those utterly flavorless crackers. Ah, memories of youth.
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    Exclamation Harmless but fun!

    Has anyone ever made a bomb using the heater from an MRE? It's easy, just crumble up the grey powdery substance, that is inside the heater packet, into an empty plastic bottle (soda bottles work best), add in a little bit of water and close the cap verrrrry tightly. Shake it around until you see the grey powder start to bubble and the plastic of the bottle start to expand. Then throw it, as far as you can. The result is a VERY loud but ultimately harmless explosion, as the bottle pops like a baloon. (it takes a little practice to get the amount of water right to keep from 'drowning' the heater packet)

    I actually set one of these off near my barracks a few years ago and it was so loud that someone called the MP's and within minutes there were guys with walkie-talkies running around everywhere asking people if they heard an explosion. I quickly went to my room and said nothing. I felt like such an idiot.

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    So that was YOU!!!

    (you are so busted...)

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    this reminds me of a chris rock comedy bit. i goes something like this:

    if you're starving, you don't have anything like lactose intolerance or food alergies. you don't say things like,"i'm not eating pork. the pig is a filthy animal. in america fat people are scorned. in africa, if you're fat, everyone's saying, damn, how did you do that? i'm gonna hang with you. you got any pork chops?

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    Talking Chris Rock is great!

    "Ain't nobody in Ethoipia lactose intolerant!"

    "People always sayin' 'red meat will kill ya.' Red meat ain't gonna kill ya! Now, green meat......."

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    "beggars can't be choosers."

    They should be grateful that they're not eating dirt, sand, or camel flops.
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