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    A question for on card collectors?

    I am not going to name names, but I have seen collectors who leave their figures on the card complaining about various poses and gimmicks... WHY DO YOU CARE? To those of you who leave them on the card, these gimmicks don't take away from your ability to hang your figures on the the wall!?! I am not trying to be mean or critical, i was just curious.
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    Perhaps the carded collectors don't think the new figures are as much of "eye candy" as the older poses? I collect carded figures, but I don't really care how the figures are positioned, as long as they look OK.
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    I'm an on card collector, but I could care less how they are posed, but that doesn't mean I want I pile of Bantha Poodoo in a bubble either.
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    Originally posted by Jedi Juice
    Perhaps the carded collectors don't think the new figures are as much of "eye candy" as the older poses?
    I agree. I have don't have the saga cards close to my vintage cards. The gimmicks make the figures look cheaper.
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    As an carded collector, a gimmick only bothers me when it detracts from the look of the figure. Case in point- Bespin Luke, a great figure but that peg sticking out from his back sucks, and yes, it can be seen clearly while on the card.

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    being both a loose and carded collector, i don't care as long as i have the darn thing.
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    I keep them carded for the most part, but I will take out figures that are irresistably cool- like Cloud City Chewie and Kamino Jango. Sooo- I do care and I have reason to. As for carded collectors who never open- I have no idea what the gripe is.
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    I collect them for the hobby of collecting. I have no complaints as to how they are put in the package.
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    i have no real problem with the gimmicks as long as they do not throw off the look of the figrue.

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    I collect carded figures and I do like the poses when they're closed. Personally, I think the new ones posed in package look better than the old ones posed in package. My only complaint about the poses, is the figures look so cool, you can't resist opening them. Case in point, Dooku & HD Ani looked awesome in the packages, but once I bought ones to open, I was disappointed in the gimmicks. It's kind of like false advertising, all though some are cool (Endor soldier, Chewie, JSP Obi-Wan, Bespin Luke), but for the most part I have no problem with the gimmicks
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