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    Originally posted by bigbarada
    Anybody remember Centurions?
    Wasn't that the one where guys wore armored suits that could add parts to, like cannons, wings, or claws? If so; yes. Yes I do remember them. If not; oops.

    I'd go for the 30s-40s Warner Bros. ones. I grew up on late 70s early 80s 'toons, but the early ones set the tone. Very historical in context, and Tiny Toons tried (pretty well, in fact) to do the same for 90s pop culture.

    Favorite cartoons, for me:
    Bugs Bunny/Road Runner
    GI Joe
    Robotech (mainly Macross saga)
    Battle of the Planets
    Voltron (lions, not cars)
    TMNT (for a BRIEF time)
    Ren & Stimpy
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    TMNT, Ren and Stimpy, and The Simpsons are the best.

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    Growing up in the 80's I'd have to say was the best He-man thundercats and of course G.I Joe. I was checking out cartoon network the other day though and all those shows were on and boy are they lame now!,but I still watched them!
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    One of my favorites as a kid was Scooby Doo, and that's my 4-year-old's favorite right now. I think there's just something magical about ghosts, a talking dog, and a bunch of goofballs (or meddeling kids) running around looking for clues. I also loved the Flintstones, Jetsons, Bugs Bunny & the other WB stuff, and Superfriends.
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    Originally posted by bigbarada

    Ahem!! *cough, cough*

    I also really liked the Pokemon cartoon, but I was totally addicted to the Game Boy game for about three months. Then I sold it to a friend of mine, because I was staying up late at night playing it and getting no sleep. Next thing you know, he's addicted and scouring the internet, searching for training tips and saying stuff like, "I've got issues with my Pokemon, I need help!"

    Been there...Actually I'm there right now. My girlfriend would play it until the batteries would die on her gameboy, so I figured out you can play it on Pokemon Stadium 2 for the N64 (which I have )so I bought it for HER....but since she's only here part of the time, I went out and got Silver so now I'M hooked playing the damn thing...It's actually quite a clever concept...rock-paper-scissors inflated to a GRAND scale. Those Japanese are clever chaps.

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    Originally posted by Emperor Howdy
    ...My mom would probably think the original Spiderman sucks, but laugh at the Steamboat Willie crap. (Not that Steamboat Willie wasn't to cartoons what the Beatles were to music, but come on......).
    Have you ever really watched Steamboat Willie? Of all the Disney toons, that's probably my favorite - Mickey Mouse acts like a jerk to everybody, he abuses animals, he peeks at his girlfriend's undies, and all while whistling a happy little tune.

    Jargo, the golden age of Looney Toons (ww2 till the '50s) is my favorite too. The characters and writing are really good during that era, lots of thought put into the whole package.

    TeeEye7, I remember Tom Hatten on channel 5, when I was a kid, he usually hosted Pippy Longstocking movies, Santa Claus vs the Martians, and other kids movies like that, and occasionally would host a Popeye short afterwards if the film ran short - turns out he used to be a tennis star, I'm told.

    Rollo, I think the quality of animation changed dramatically when TV was introduced. The best Looney Toons were made for the cinema as stuff to fill time before theaters started their main feature films, but once TV became the main audience's focus, there had to be more cartoon shorts so less time and quality was put into each one. Compare 1947 Daffy Duck to 1960s Daffy, compare Bugs Bunny to anything voiced by Larry Storch.

    I also dig the Pokemon cartoon with an actual story arc and fun characters learning lessons as they travel.

    Starfig, did you know that the cartoon "Ghostbusters" was based on a '70s live-action show called "Ghost Busters" which the movie had to pay the creators for the use of the title? I didn't personally like the cartoon, but I am pretty sure it was another gem from Filmation, the company that brought us, among other '80s toons, Gilligan's Planet (yikes!).

    As for Ren & Stimpy, John Kricfalusi., the creator of that show, has created a new mess called "The Ripping Friends" on Fox Kids' Saturday morning lineup. Also, my 3-year-old niece has got me watching (and singing the theme to) Spongebob Squarepants, which has a "Stimpson J. Cat/Rocko's Modern Life" feel to it. "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! Absorbent and yellow and porous is he! SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!" And like Rocko, it requires watching at least 2 of to really get into it.

    Don't get me wrong, just because I chose the Golden Age as my choice for favorite era, that doesn't mean I don't love cartoons from all eras.
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    Ghostbusters rock! Thats all that matters

    I've seen "The Ripping Friends" its pretty funny, and very weird.

    I've watched Poke'mon too, but I got off on watching Digimon and lost track to an extent.

    Anyone remember Gumby? Now that was weird.
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    Hanna-Barbera was the company that pioneered the "let's use as few frames as possible" method of animation. It was necessary at the time in order to make cartoons cost effective for television. If companies never went the cheap route for making cartoons then we wouldn't even be having this discussion, because the art would probably have died out in the 50s.
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    I would have to say that the 80's had the best cartoons:

    Silver Hawks
    G.I. Joe

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    TV cartoons??? For me, the 80's was the best age. The drawings were not as good as the ones we have now, but the fun factor was there.

    As always...........L


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