I'm wondering, what era do you think cartoons were the best? What criteria got you to this decision?

The periods I can think of:
- 1920s through early '40s era (Silly Symphonies, mostly trouble-free cartoons where they relived other stories or rehashed fables)

- WW2 through '50s era (golden age of Looney Toons, patriotic comedy runs high, characters find themselves in situations where their uniqueness gets them out of jams, violence gets them into severe mischief; mythical superhero Superman makes a huge impact with carefully-crafted toons)

- late '50s through '70s era (birth of TV creates a myriad of knockoffs of the Looney Toons, Warner Animation does a ton of Road Runner/Wile E. Coyote cartoons followed by a string of Speedy Gonzales toons, violence becomes more senseless; situation cartoons like The Flintstones & Scooby Doo become popular despite lower quality animation; cheaper superheroes become popular)

- 1980s era (FCC regulations lift ban on cartoons being created specifically to be tie-ins to merchandising spawning He-Man, GI Joe, Transformers, Super Powers, etc., story arcs become more serious; cartoons spin-off from popular sitcoms and movies such)

- early '90s era (Warner Brothers goes back to comedy-themed roots, creating new characters mostly based on the Looney Toons classics; toy-themed cartoons begin decline due to waning sales)

- 1990s (Anime influences start impacting, comedy cartoons all but disappear for a time, Batman makes a huge comeback, kick-starting the new toy industry, Spider-man follows)

- late '90s through now (Pokemon becomes ridiculously popular overseas and is released in the US to a steady build-up, imitators soon follow; action cartoons begin to take themselves and their story arcs even more seriously; computer-generated cartoons start hitting, generating newfound popularity; Transformers returns in the CGI Beast Wars with a powerful story arc which ties in to the original Transformers; cartoon spin-offs spawn over and over, but don't hit with audiences)