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    Its a neat idea but there are too many 12 Mauls. I love the ones that have come out, but we can go without one for a while.
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    In my opinion we have way too many Mauls running about right now, I think it's time for a break to let new 12 inch figures that need to be made to come to the surface. Maybe in 2006 or 2007 they could release the ultimate Maul, right now I'm waiting for Jedi who haven't been produced. Just my opinion on the topic at hand.

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    I agree - a 12" Maul is NOT necessary right now when so many 12" figures that have never been made need to come out. Before a new 12" Maul Hasbro needs to make: all of the different Jedi in AOTC, the Jedi council from EP I and II, etc.

    If they do plan on making a tatooed new 12" Maul, they should wait a couple of years after EP III after everything else is made...

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    Just a note.. I know it doesnt count in these 12" forums, but there is indeed a 12" Maul with a glowing lightsaber. The battery powered plastic one from galoob. They were sold in the JC Penny Home stores. around 50 bucks a shot. I grabbed one. He has a nice pose, and when you twist his body, the double blades light up. Pretty sweet if ya ask me. My Hasbro 12" Maul is still suffocating in his box..
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    Tonysmo, I believe you're thinking of the 10" one from Applause.
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