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    Lumat? Warok? Romba?

    Alright, the first five ewoks made by Kenner were pretty much no-brainers as to where they appeared in the film:

    Chief Chirpa: the surprisingly easily frightened Chief of the tribe
    Logray: the medicine man
    Teebo: the second ewok we see and the creepiest (I'll always remember the reaction of "eewwwww" from the audience the first time I saw ROTJ in the theatre and Teebo emerged from the bushes)
    Wicket:, if you don't recognize him then I seriously doubt you've seen the movie.
    Paploo: the bike thief/hoodlum/Kenny Baker's alter ego

    What about Lumat, Warok and Romba? Where do they specifically appear in the film? My theories:

    Lumat: Kenner wanted to make an ewok archer figure and Lumat was the best reference photo they could find.
    Warok: his coin suggests that he is a glider pilot, but he can also double as a second archer. The only ewok glider I remember seeing had a very different looking ewok as a pilot.
    Romba: I used to think he was the ewok who nabbed the stormtrooper rifle (the smart one) but now I think he was one of the ewoks who helped Chewie steal an AT-ST (which could also be said of Warok too)

    Feel free to prove me wrong.

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    You got most of them but the bald ewok...I was the one flinging feces!
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    The glider ewoks name is Kazak,we dealt with it in another thread
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    It scares me that people actually know these things about Ewoks!

    May the force be with you.

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    Did anyone else buy extra ewoks and switch their hoods/accessories for more diversity?

    (I hope I'm not the only one, since I'm not too fond of ewoks in the first place, although they filled out the ewok village nicely!)

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    Sure did. I had 2 Lumats, 2 Wickets and 2 Lograys. My second Wicket got the extra Logray's cowl and became the tribe's shaman apprentice. While the "naked" Logray and Lumat just became the ewok grunts.

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    What do you mean, "naked?"
    I liked Logray's skull headdress on any figure, especially Chewie. I always thought Ewoklings would've been cool, plus "Yeah, I got a blaster rifle" Ewok.
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    I bought a bunch and painted them differently,They look pretty well against the imperial armies on Endor
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    Thumbs up

    I just think they wanted to make some more ewoks and they were the best available pictures.
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    Thumbs up

    I agree with Evenflow...i have yet to see those three in ROTJ.
    As always...........L


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