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    If Hasbro made one ship/vehicle of your choice, what would it be?

    Refer to the title. I would choose a Hailfire "Droid". I loved those in the movie, plus it could have the same sort of rapid-fire missile launching mechanism as the Slave 1. Except it would have more misiles and they would be thinner. It would probably only be about $15 or $20 too...From what I could tell they werent huge, just nicely sized. So, what would you pick. I just noticed, this is my 200th post. Yay for me.
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    give us i can not rember the names of them but darth mauls spaceship or count doouke ship.

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    The Sith Infiltrator and the AT-TE

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    The Blockade Runner, please dear GOD! Give us the Blockade Runner!
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    A Death Star playset that is about four feet tall and has 7 or 8 levels. It would be like a briefcase in the sense that it opens from the side. The outside would be a perfect replica of the DeathStar with clear plastic supports so it stays upright. And if the neighbor's kids p*$$ me off, I can roll it down the hill at them and crush their little skulls. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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    Twin-Pod Cloud Car. Pilot like the Vintage one, only with better detail and a removeable helmet.
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    OT: Blockade Runner

    PT: Sith Infiltrator

    need I say more?
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    OT - Tantive IV (Rebel Blockade Runner) - Sure it would be big, but they don't have to make it perfectly to scale. Just look what a great job they did on the Republic Gunship. Include Captain Antillies as the pack-in figure.

    PT - Gungan Bongo w/ Jar Jar Binks (Soft Goods) - Since we already have soft goods versions of Qui and Obi, they would only need to include Jar Jar. Of course I wouldn't be complaining to much if they included all three. Make it so that it can really float also.

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    There are lots of possibilities:

    1.- Imperial Shuttle
    2.- Rebel Transport
    3.- Jawa Sandcrawler
    4.- Sith Infiltrator
    5.- Sail Barge
    6.- Death Star Playset
    7.- Twin Pod Cloud Car
    8.- MTT
    9.- Count Dooku's ship
    10.- Blocade Runner
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    Definately the death star but that's a playset not a vehicle so I would have to go for the Imperial landing craft. Make it the same scale as the Imperial shuttle but slightly bigger in the body and just make the insides hollow with a double row of seats for troopers and space for other equipment like speeder bikes and weapons and equipment cases. It should have retractable landing gear and opening cockpit canopy, And I would imagine some kind of cargo hatch opening for troop deployment. Whether that's underneath or at the back or the side or both sides doesn't really matter as long as it works and doesn't degrade the detailing. Can't seem to recall if the landing craft is armed or not but it wouldn't hurt to add a couple of laser cannon somewhere just for good measure.

    The AT-AT is great for carrying troops over short planetary distances but I need get them troops from planet to star destroyer fast. so far there's nothing useful for transporting troops. The shuttle is fine for a handful but what about a whole platoon?


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