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    You can't simply "train" yourself to become a Jedi though.

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    Originally posted by Boba Rhett
    You can't simply "train" yourself to become a Jedi though.
    Good, they should make it just as difficult as it is in the movies. But you can do some training on your own. But to actually become a Jedi you need to find a master that can train you. That gives you a sense of accomplishment when you do become one. Seriously, how fun would if be if everyone could simply just choose to be a Jedi. It's a RPG after all. Here's the current Jedi FAQ file from StarWarsGalaxies.Com.

    6.01 Will I be able to play a Jedi?

    Yes. Although the details are still being worked out, we are staying true to the spirit of the films. Therefore, the journey to become a Jedi will be difficult, but those players who choose this path with find it very rewarding.

    6.02 Will there be a numerical limit on the number of Jedi allowed on each server?

    No. We're not using artificial means such as quotas or caps to limit the Jedi population. We're designing an organic system that will allow the Jedi population to fluctuate over time.

    6.03 Will only the extremely lucky or hardcore players get to play Jedi?

    We are not "pre-determining" whether a character can become a Jedi or not. Also, being "hardcore" is not a qualifier used in becoming a Jedi. Our system is designed to allow the casual player, as well as the hardcore player, the opportunity to become a Jedi.

    6.04 Is it possible for other species to become Jedi?

    Yes. Any character, regardless of species, has the potential to become a Jedi.

    6.05 Can I become Dark Jedi?

    Yes. We're creating the Jedi system to take into account Dark Jedi. However, be warned that the life of a Dark Jedi will be very perilous...

    6.06 Can I become a Sith Lord in the game?

    No, although players may be able to become Dark Jedi, they will not be able to become Sith Lords. The films explicitly state that there are only two Sith Lords at any given time, and the two during the time of Star Wars Galaxies have been clearly identified as the Emperor and Darth Vader.

    6.07 Can I have a title like "Jedi Knight" or "Jedi Master"?

    We're planning to include Jedi titles, like "Jedi Knight" and "Jedi Master" in the game. Dark Jedi would likely have the same titles as the regular Jedi (Dark Jedi Knight, Dark Jedi Master)

    6.08 Will you have the "Jedi Trials" in the game?

    Yes. Jedi Trials will be part of advancing from a Padawan to a Jedi Knight.

    6.09 How will Force powers be implemented?

    Force powers will function much like skills in Star Wars Galaxies - we're actually using the same basic set of rules for both systems. Like skills, Force powers will be divided into several "trees" (or "spheres"), allowing players to select specific powers and areas of focus.

    6.10 If I am a Jedi with a lightsaber, will I be able to block blaster shots and perform other cool lightsaber tricks?

    Lightsabers will have all the same capabilities as those seen in the film, but a lightsaber doesn't automatically confer special abilities to the wielder - a Jedi will still need the proper skills and training to master things like "blaster reflection."

    6.11 Can I build my own lightsaber?

    Yes, but we're following a few simple rules that have been established by the continuity of Star Wars such as: Only Jedi can manufacture lightsabers. Building a lightsaber is difficult. Only Jedi can use lightsabers effectively. A Jedi is more skilled with his or her personal lightsaber than with a "borrowed" lightsaber.

    6.12 How long will it take a Jedi to construct his lightsaber?

    This will probably come down to balancing, with our starting duration based on the continuity. We don't want lightsabers to be really easy/quick to produce, but we also don't want it to take an inordinate amount of time. According to continuity, it took Luke quite some time to build his lightsaber on Tatooine and he "failed" many attempts. But, he was also working in a relative vacuum, without a Master and only Obi-Wan's journal to guide him. The time it takes to actually build a lightsaber will also likely be affected by the Jedi's various skills and how "strong" the character is with the Force.

    6.13 Can I make a double-bladed lightsaber?

    Learning how to build a double-sided lightsaber will likely be more difficult than learning how to build a normal lightsaber. You will also probably need more components (additional crystals, for example). And, we may make it more difficult to learn how to wield the weapon effectively, since so few Jedi have spent the time necessary to master the double-bladed lightsaber, and it is so rare during the original trilogy's time period.

    6.14 Can lightsabers get old and "break"?

    We will have item decay in the game, and this will affect lightsabers as well. However, a Jedi has the knowledge necessary to maintain a lightsaber, preventing such decay.

    6.15 Can I choose what color my lightsaber will be?

    We will offer multiple lightsaber colors.

    6.16 Will players be able to choose to become a Dark Jedi from the start, or must they become Jedi then fall?

    According to the continuity, most dark Jedi start off as Jedi and then "fall." In our game system, you have to become a Jedi first.

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    I'm not whining about not being able to just choose to be one. I'm glad it's the way it is. I'm just not looking forward to the very hard life I'll have in the game at the early stages of trying to become one.


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