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    Question Galaxies- what do want your character to be like?

    For those of you who are considering playing Galaxies, the MMORPG based on Star Wars coming out in the near future, what type of character, skills, and affiliation do you want to have?

    The game sounds like it will offer so many different ways to go! I want to live on Tatooine and ride around on a Dewback or a Landspeeder. I'm not sure I want to try and become a Jedi. I think it will require a lot of work. If I do go that route, I would sacrifice the skill points necessary to become skilled at wielding a double bladed lightsaber. I definitely want a droid sidekick to hang out with also.

    I think I will stick with human as my species and be affiliated with the Alliance.
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    Humans are boring, why play what you are every day. Since Gungan was an April Fools joke last year, I think I will go with Bothan. I like the species and especially how the game's artists designed them. Not sure of profession yet, since I only know of about 10 of the 25 avaliable. I also have plans for a Wookie and Trandoshan charecter as well.

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    I'd be a good old-fashioned human. Aliens are dumb.

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    Hmmmm! Wonder where this is going!?!

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    Oh yes! I'm an imperial disinformation agent, sent to make you hate aliens!

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    I'm going to be a human do-gooder so I will hopefully be able to become a Jedi one day. *crosses fingers*

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    Well, I want a human male and a zabrak as a second character (if you can have more than one). I'd like to live on Corellia since I hear the land scape is astounding (read: Beach house ). With my human I am going to attempt a Jedi but have my back up (Zabrak) around to pay the rent.
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    i wanna be a human jedi hunter
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    i'm going to be a Zabrak and train myself to become a jedi. out of the proffesions i know about i might also consider being a bounty hunter with a human
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