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    Just seen the Ep1 DVD - WOW!!!

    I realise that this must be really old news for the US forummers (as you get everything months before us unfortunate Brits), but I've just seen the Ep1 DVD and I am IMPRESSED.

    If there is ever a case for buying a DVD then Ep1 is it.

    I always thought that Coruscant taxis were a bit naff - but the extra scenes with them in are excellent - I didn't realise that they were so big.

    Also, the close up scenes of the pods are brilliant - it really catches the pre-race tension.

    The scene where one of Gasganos race is selling "frogs" in the stands must surely be a homage to "The Life Of Brian" - ocelots ears, anyone?



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    Yeah, the DVD does really kick, took me around 4+ hours just to get through everything on the 2nd disc, then another 2 to watch it with commentary and I still haven't watched just the movie alone, hehe. Oh yeah, when you get the DVD, on the first disc go to options then type in 1138 with the remote's number pad, it'll make a box pop open and then outtakes will play.
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