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    The Kroger Connection

    I looked for the post where someone said they found the Luke X-Wing wave at Kroger, and couldn't find it. I wanted to THANK THEM VERY MUCH for their help!

    I stopped by the Kroger here in Laurel, Mississippi, this evening, to get some coffee, and remembered seeing something about someone finding this wave for $2.99 each. Well, they had 'em, all right: 2 Han's, 1 Vader, and 1 Luke. I picked up the Luke and 1 Han for myself, and 1 Han for a friend.

    Nobody seemed to know how much they were. The manager had to estimate the price: $3.99 each. I agreed that that sounded 'about right.' The fools!

    So: if you are, like myself, far from a Target store, check out your Kroger, if there is one!
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    He's right....the Kroger on SR20/212 in Conyers has two Vaders, two Hans, and a smashed-bubble Luke.


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