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    Question Will Lott Dod warm pegs?

    I was curious if you think the first Neimoidian in years will be a peg warmer or a steady selling character. It is a risky figure because it isn't an action character, a senator, and a bad guy. Do you think he can beat the neimoidian curse, or is there even a curse, maybe since every ep I figure was so overproduced they couldn't help it?

    Could Lott be a test run for future neimoidians like EP II Nute Gunray, Gilramos Lebkath, or dare I say it, Daultay Dofine?

    Hope Lott shows up soon!


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    I don't think he will be a pegwarmer. Look at how many people have been anticipating this figure since it was first cancelled in 1999. Just look at Orn Free Taa to see that it doesn't need to be an action charecter to sell well. Just one that people like and want. I hope that he sells well, we need the ones you mentioned and don't forget Tey How and the also often delayed, Holographic Nute Gunray.

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    Most figures end up mildly pegwarming anyways, so he'll just join in with the crowd. He can't be as bad as Nute Gunray - while Rune has sold out here, there are no less than 100 copies of the Viceroy rotting in a few TRU bins. Watto still numbers around 30.

    Then again, fans are fickle. So speculation is worthless until the figure hit pegs. He'll sell, how much...I really don't know.
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    I don't think he will, especially not at first. As said by others, collectors have wanted this figure for a while, and on top of that, I don't think Hasbro is going to make the same mistake (like with Rune and Nute) again. Odds are they won't release oceans of them as they did with previous Nemodians.
    But, that's just what I think.

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    I would say that their sales will definitely not be as high as those action figures... Ok it may appeal to collectors but to a normal kid, would he want a non-action character or a action character that made quite an impression in the movie AOTC/TPM... Probably hasbro could release just a smaller quantity of these non action characters so that they won't end up being pegwarmers... Ok I admit I defintely would want 1 of these if they ever do release it! Just a thought to share with you guys...

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    I don't think he'll be a pegwarmer he's a pretty popular character and very anticipated!!
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    he wil not show up in my area in large numbers at the begging. after a few weeks, there will be as many of him as there are obi-wan (JSP) at my local wal-mart.
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    I can't wait to get one...I love having as many secondary and tertiary characters in my collections as possible. They make for better dioramas.

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    he will problem fly off the pegs to being with then slow down to the put of others.

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    Very anticipated? By who diorama builders? There arent enough diorama fans to keep these from being clearance figures. He is a minor character, he wont sell much at all (after the initial collectors grab them)


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